Know It in a Flash: The 5 Best Flash Card Apps for Nursing Students

Flashcards: one of the best ways to study on the go! For nursing students, using extra time to study effectively is especially important. But writing flashcards can be a long and tedious task, not to mention carrying physical flashcards can be difficult and annoying.

Flashcards apps are the perfect solution for a nursing student: you can use your own or pre-made decks, there's no need to carry anything extra with you, and you can take advantage of studying in even in short moments of free time.

To help you find the app for you, here are the five best flashcard apps for nursing students:


The Quizlet app for Android and iPhone allows you to create your own flashcards, which can help you learn, and then use them on your computer, tablet, and phone.

The app will also look up definitions for you to save time, which can be handy for super-fast reference:


Quizlet is free, but you can upgrade for $15 a year to avoid ads and have access to more features like uploading images to your flash cards.


Being able to study in a few different ways with your flashcards can help you learn, review, and test your knowledge to see where you need to spend more time. Superflashcard offers multiple study modes and works across many platforms. Use the pre-existing flashcard sets for the NCLEX exam to study using "matching" or quiz features:



The Superflashcard app is available on pretty much every platform, including Blackberry and Windows in addition to both the iPhone and Android OS.

Anatomy Flashcards


Many nursing students struggle with the memorization required in anatomy and physiology courses; flashcards can be an excellent tool to help overcome this challenging section.

Anatomy Flashcards even make the flashcards feel more like a game and use detailed pictures to help you learn anatomy. Flashcards


Choose a ready-made deck or build your own, and then play away with the clever games from the Cram app to make your studying a lot more fun!

The games are exciting and have a similar look and feel to popular game apps you may already know, but with the added benefit of learning while you play.

Study Blue


One of the most popular and highest-rated flashcard apps, StudyBlue has easy-to-navigate flashcards on many subjects, including sets created by other students or teachers for specific nursing classes. Whether you are studying for your core classes or one of your nursing classes you are sure to be able to find a set of flashcards to help.

The best apps for nursing students take advantage of your free time and let you study wherever you are. With such easy and fun apps, know that nursing education can be a part of your busy life.

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