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5 Stigmas You Need to Know about Mental Health

When it comes to mental health, there are many stigmas around using counseling services. Some may find it challenging to approach mental health similarly to how they approach physical health. We want to help resolve any stigmas that you may have about counseling and mental health awareness.

Here are 5 stigmas you need to know about mental health

  1. "Counseling is for people who are 'crazy.'"
  2. "If I need counseling, I am weak."
  3. "I don't need counseling; I just need to try harder."
  4. "Counselors just give you advice."
  5. "When my counselors hear my story, they will think I am a bad person."

Do some of these sound familiar? As mental health awareness is rising, we need to have an accurate picture of how mental health is defined and its benefits. Here is a helpful analogy that some counselors use, "If you had a broken arm, you would go to the doctor, right?" Your mental health is exactly that! You are not crazy for seeking counseling. Instead, you are showing wisdom in reaching out to get the help you need to navigate through a season of life or through a specific challenge you are facing.

Mental health is an integral part of everyday life that everyone should regularly address. At Colorado Christian University, we want to address the mental health epidemic and bring awareness to counseling, breaking stigmas that people hold close.

CCU launched The Community Counseling Center at Colorado Christian University in Summer 2020. It remains operational during the coronavirus pandemic through the use of online counseling services. Our clinical staff can walk you through the process of setting up HIPAA-compliant online counseling sessions. Want to learn how you can receive Christian counseling from your home? Visit The Community Counseling Center at Colorado Christian University.

Find out what options you have for continuing your education in counseling and learning more about a future career in this exciting field!

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