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The CAGS blog is your hub for all things adult education!  Future, current and past CCU students now have a spot on the web to talk job tips, adult education financial aid, local and national networking, and exchange their experiences.  Blog posts from CCU students and friends of CAGS will engage and inspire you to take your career and adult education to the next level.

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Stress and Adult Students – How to Overcome it

An adult student is finding motivation for stress.

If you’re earning your degree as an adult student, balancing work, family life, and school can be stressful — especially while studying for exams and also making sure you give it your all at your job. But although getting your degree may be tough, we know you can do it! Whether you’re close to completing … Continued

CCU’s IT Bachelor’s Degrees – CIT vs. ISM

A Student is typing to earn an IT bachelor's degree.

Are you an IT professional who’s interested in furthering your career? Or maybe you have a little experience with internet systems, but you don’t have the education needed for a career. Either way, Colorado Christian University offers many programs that can give you the education and experience needed to earn a degree and excel in … Continued

My #1 Tip for Accomplishing Anything: Schmidlap’s Tips for Academic Success

Professor Schmidlap in a library

Professor Schmidlap is the personal professional mascot for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University. Like all CCU professors, he enjoys helping students succeed both in life and in their academic studies. We caught up with him and he shared with us one of his favorite tips that he says can … Continued

5 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get with an Online MBA Degree

A businessman is sitting at his desk typing on a computer.

If you’re considering going back to school and earning an MBA — Master of Business Administration degree — it’s important to consider your post-graduation goals. Are you looking to earn a higher salary? Are you interested in obtaining a more executive role? Do you dream of running your own company someday? These aspirations require experience, … Continued

Fun Christmas Traditions From the CCU Staff

Christmas traditions include cooking together and having a Christmas feast.

Christmas is the time of year that brings together distanced families, reminds us to be thankful for the past year, and honors the birth and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It’s also the time of year when traditions are celebrated throughout the world. As we embark on the Christmas holiday with family and friends, we ask: … Continued