An Online Degree in Nursing? Don’t I Need to be in a Classroom?

online nursing 2When people tend to think of college courses, higher education and earning a degree, they picture classroom lectures, written exams and navigating campus to get to class on time. People typically don’t think of attending online classes as the best means of earning a college degree, especially one as intricate and detailed as nursing.

However, for those that don’t think earning an online nursing degree is viable need to think again. Online courses provide the same lesson plans and instruction than one would get in the actual physical classroom environment, except virtually. What’s more is that online courses are perfect for the schedule-strapped student or adult student that’s going back to school and still needs to work a 9-5 job to make ends meet in the mean time.

Scheduling flexibility is just one of the benefits of taking online classes, notably in the nursing field. Here are some other benefits:

  • More networking and conversation: Many online courses and online degree programs often facilitate greater interaction, communication, networking and teamwork between instructors and students. Virtual classroom message boards and e-mail are also preferred means of learning and communication for many people.
  • Save time: By taking online courses, you’re learning from your computer. All you need is the course material, a working Internet connection and a viable computer. There’s no walking or driving onto campus, no parking fees, no managing inclement weather and no time spent getting to and from class. Simply just turn on your computer and learn at your own convenience.
  • Lower costs: In some cases, the cost of tuition is even less than what it would cost to attend class the conventional way. So not only are you likely saving money on gas to get to and from class (not to mention the scheduling flexibility that will allow you to hold a full-time job), but you’re also likely saving money on credit hours.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages to taking online courses, especially if you’re returning to school to finish up your undergrad or Master’s degree. Make sure you weigh your options to determine if online learning is best for your situation, then enroll in CCU’s flexible online RN to BSN program.

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