Leading by Golden Rule

We all like to be treated with trust, dignity and respect by our bosses, and we like to think this is also the way we lead others. Most good people leaders, regardless of spiritual inclination (and whether they realize it or not) tend to employ the Golden Rule in their leadership style: “Treat people the … Continued

Are You a Diminisher or a Multiplier?

I’m reading an excellent book titled Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Authored by Liz Wiseman (2010), a former executive at Oracle Corporation and now president of her own consulting firm, the book proposes that there are two dramatically different types of leaders: diminishers and multipliers. I’ve reported to both types; you probably … Continued

STS: Boon to New-paradigm Leadership

Socio-technical systems (STS) are bringing together the oft-untapped capital of the human spirit with today’s evolving technical capabilities in order to stimulate, accelerate, and enhance organizational knowledge sharing and collaboration. Through STS, organizations can share real-time key information and ideas among appropriate work teams, enabling them to utilize this strategic flow of information to innovate … Continued

Just Wondering…

As a student in CCU’s Graduate Certificate in Leadership program, I’m enjoying the integration of biblical truth and values with outstanding secular research. And as I reflect on the application of my graduate studies to the actual workplace, some questions come to mind. I would love to hear from fellow CCU classmates (and hey, thinking … Continued