Are You a Diminisher or a Multiplier?

I’m reading an excellent book titled Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Authored by Liz Wiseman (2010), a former executive at Oracle Corporation and now president of her own consulting firm, the book proposes that there are two dramatically different types of leaders: diminishers and multipliers. I’ve reported to both types; you probably … Continued

STS: Boon to New-paradigm Leadership

Socio-technical systems (STS) are bringing together the oft-untapped capital of the human spirit with today’s evolving technical capabilities in order to stimulate, accelerate, and enhance organizational knowledge sharing and collaboration. Through STS, organizations can share real-time key information and ideas among appropriate work teams, enabling them to utilize this strategic flow of information to innovate … Continued

Just Wondering…

As a student in CCU’s Graduate Certificate in Leadership program, I’m enjoying the integration of biblical truth and values with outstanding secular research. And as I reflect on the application of my graduate studies to the actual workplace, some questions come to mind. I would love to hear from fellow CCU classmates (and hey, thinking … Continued