Reading some of the post on here is so encouraging. Servant leaders are so needed in every area of the work field in society today. I believe it is vital to be educated on how to be Servant Leaders. One area I find to be the most important is having the mindset as one that begins with the desire to serve by meeting the needs of others. {Remembering the life of Christ, in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, we see throughout His life, all He did was serve and though is serving He lead}. A Servant Leader must have empathy for people, be able to understand and be accepting to an individual’s uniqueness. I believe the ability to listen is a great need as well; I feel this is key to good communication. Knowing that stress and emotional trauma can result from one’s personal life just as in the work place, a Servant leaders must be able recognize the need for healing in broken people and help them in their healing process. It is in the best interest of all Servant Leaders to truly be seeking God and have relationship with Him. This is the only way to be in any sense of the word effective, in order to promote positive change, not only in the work place but in an individual’s life. Knowing that as a Servant Leader our only source is the one and only Almighty God, creator and master of the entire universe. Only God alone is worthy of all Glory, Honor and Praise. I thank God for CCU and all the other Bible base, Holy Ghost, driven colleges grooming Servant Leaders for Christ. Blessings to all that read!