Live Your Life

Many times people feel stuck or uncertain where life is taking them. How we cope makes a huge difference in how we handle the path we are on. Some people are strong and others feel confused. Remembering Jesus holds us and guides us can be difficult in challenging times, yet easy when things are going good. We were given this one life to live and my encouragement to you is to live it to its fullest. God doesn’t want us to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves, nor does He wants us to wait for life to happen to us. Get up! Move and seek Him and He will direct your path.

Speaking with God daily, all day, will change your life. You’ll be amazed at what life changes you will experience. Being a young adult I have faced people who treat you as a prude because you are living a Christian lifestyle and walking in faith, when really I am having the time of my life. I encourage you to keep your eye on God and this one life you have on Earth and make the most of it. Make your dreams a reality. For some we feel we are sinners and not worthy to live a glorious life, but that’s not true. Jesus did not die in vain! He rose so you and I may have an abundant life and eventually be with Him for eternity in Heaven.

Life has a way of making you feel defeated or beaten down settling for a lackluster life. Remember who is holding you. Remember when you pray He hears you. Things will happen in Gods time so when you do receive your gift, it will mean so much more to you. Be inspired and inspire someone else today. Pray, listen and follow God to the abundant life you deserve.

“Start expecting things to change in your favor. It’s your faith that activates the power of God. Remember, if you obey God and are willing to trust Him, you will have the best this life has to offer — and more. You can start living your best life now” ~ Joel Osteen