How do you accept God’s will?

Life is not fair!  You suck it up, and move on.

I remember reading somewhere that when we go through troubles and tribulations, God must be working on us. He must be interested in helping us grow, in helping us mature, in helping us become.  If that is the case, I asked God to pass me by, cause I have no interest in growing, or maturing, or becoming, at least for a good while.

These past months, I have experience such a roller coaster ride in my life.  I know what you are thinking, you are probably saying… “So what, I have too!” This is nothing new to anyone.

I wonder what people do to accept the will of God.  I wonder if there is full surrender, or if there is a bit of a battle going back and forth. Maybe questioning why things are happening the way they are.  Is there a death in the family?  An illness that has become terminal? or an Accident, or loss of a job, or a damaged relationship that has no good end result, or addiction, or just a damaged personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I remember one time, I was told my child was going to be born with a disability; She was!

I was told my father was very ill, he had days to live; he died!

Recently, my nephew called me and asked to come to his home… it was urgent!  we found his dad, (my brother) dead on his bed! He was leading worship at church four days before.

A Doctor called me and told me that my kid needed a heart surgery, it would take place soon. A week and a half later, it did!

I am not sure I want to grow up spiritually anymore….

How do you respond to those trials, when there is one after another, after another, after another, after another….   How do you accept the will of God, when you feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel?

When I was told that my daughter was the carrier of trisomy 21, I got mad at God.  For three days, I complained, argued, negotiated, cried, and said things I am proud of.  I asked why me, why her, why my family, why, why, why, why?   Finally, I asked the question differently.  I asked God “What For”.  Instead of asking Why, where the focus of attention was on me, I was able to ask what for…  Where the attention shifted to the reason and purpose of the event.

I am not sure what you are going through this very moment; I don’t know how you respond to God’s will. I just know that He is good!  I know that when we humble ourselves before him; when we bring our burdens to the feet of Jesus, we can find rest. I know things do not always go as we hope for, and many times, the response to our prayers is different than what we asked for.  We must ask that His will be done, even if His will goes against the desire of our heart.  May you be willing and able to glorify the name of the Lord, in the midst of whatever you are going through this very moment.  He will find a way!

“I cast all my cares upon you; I lay all of my burdens, down at your feet.  And every time I don’t know what to do; I will cast all of my cares upon you” (Maranatha Music)







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  1. Cary Carroll says:

    That is a very unfair question in the world around us because we are surrounded by corruption, crime, deterioration, and sometimes even apathy and indifference. Then we forge ahead and ask God what is His will for our life amid all the strife that goes on around us, and it will never make sense to us in our limited understandings of creation and omnipotence. I have also heard that the devil is focused on our trials and tribulations as well, to make us stumble and perhaps argue the whole “why me God” theology.
    I have experienced the same type of trials as a husband, father, man, human being as listed in your blog and I never understood why bad things happen to good people. Then I started asking a better question as you did; what for or what can I possibly gain from this. I read the book of Job from cover to cover at least 15 times during these trials and it got me through. Job’s friends were like my friends, they were of no use to me with advice. I connected with Job because God called him the most righteous man alive and still these hardships wrecked his family, health and lifestyle as he knew it. God’s will was not to test Job, it was to defeat Satan at every turn and Job (as well as you and me) went along for the ride. We learn and we grow because we have 2 choices at the end of the day. Give up and go to the house or fight to live another day and represent as a Christian just like Jesus fought for us on the cross.
    I find that when I pray, I talk it out with my best friend (Jesus) and I feel better because I know that He will ultimately do what needs to be done. It is never easy, it never once made sense, but I have comfort that God is in control and that I am not. Look at the prophet Jeremiah. He literally wailed at God and said that God deceived him when calling him as a prophet because nobody listened for 40 years and Jeremiah endured death threats along with aggressive miseries. That is what friends do, that is what should humble us even more that the God of all creation wants to hear from us no matter what we have to say and how we say it. God is good! God makes us better. It is not easy living in this world that has been put in sinful motion since the Garden of Eden. I choose (as Job did) to accept my life and grow from my trials until I am truly home with my heavenly Father.
    Thanks for your most insightful posting, much food for thought.

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