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How to Become a CDO

Frank Kalman  –  11/13/11

This article by Frank Kalman impacted me with my Colorado Christian University – Masters of Organizational Leadership studies while serving with Samaritan’s Purse in Juba, South Sudan.

Initially I was thinking CDO is just another “C” level title for corporate ladder climbers to attain.  It may very well be that to many but to me I see a value in its implementation.  Our current class is LED511 Organizational Leadership: Theory and Practice.  It has been rather stimulating with studies of an Organizational Behavior (OB) approach for initiating, managing, and measuring manager/leadership principles.  We have focused on Organizational Behavioral problems and look to different solutions for leading an organization through the mine field of hazards.   Having a CDO integrating diversity within subunits of the organization would help combat “group think” and various other collective social ills in the our workplaces.

In the end, I am happy that CDO’s have grown out of the traditional HR roles and “are leveraging their roles to impact business”.  I appreciate your insight Frank Kalman.  I will continue to watch their continued positional growth in organizations and I look forward to serving with a few of them.


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