Values Aligned Leadership

Being a Leader comes with being a good follower.  Leading is not just a title that is given to someone because they have been given a chance to shine as a Manager within a leadership role.  Some would say in a short version what the definition of leadership could mean to them.  This could look like this, ” A leader is someone who has control and leads a group of people on a team”.

However, my personal definition of a leader is this:  A leader is someone who is willing to do what he or she asks others to do.  A leader is a person who will stand in harms way to protect the team he or she manages.  A leader is one who can see the future and envision who he or she leads in an upward movement for the organization.  Leaders shine through many facets of setting an example.  They exemplify the true meaning of staying the course.  What creates a good leader is someone who will accept accountability when accountability is due.  They will also take the time not only to hear from their associates;  but, one who is very willing to listen and share responses.  A leader to me is MADE not born. Over the course of time the more emphasis  a leader places on themselves will only place more emphasis on others to grow right alongside them.