How far should the government go?

During the government shutdown I have done a lot of reflecting. I consider myself a staunch Conservative; but tend to be more Libertarian in most regards. I have always been a proponent of small government and each person having the liberty to choose whether or not they want to be philanthropic, and if so, each individual chooses how to allocate their monies. Many of my friends and families are not like me, and I have let myself voice my opinions on a few of the Facebook posts I have come across lately. Many of them blame the Republicans for the shutdown. Now, I disagree because each of these representatives were elected to voice their respective territory’s opinions. These Republican delegates likely won because they promised to defend ObamaCare, So is it to the Democrat’s dismay that they have stood by their word? They promised they would not budge on this issue, after all!

I read a post by Governor, Mike Huckabee where he cited that their have been 243 official poles on what the people think about the Affordable Healthcare Act. These poles consist of news organizations spanning from CNN to FOX. 241 of 243 of these have the people not favoring this act. The most recent is CNN showing a 19 point disagreement with this Act. This means it is actually the Democrats who are not casting ballots for what their people want–maybe not in some districts, but surely more than the Republicans.

My point of sharing this is not to promote how these sides are behaving, but more or less to show how even a well thought-out representative government (refer back to our country’s constitutional drafting process, records, and documents) can topple in areas. Our faith cannot fully rest in ANY system as Christians–fallible people will always do fallible things. People will promise to represent our interests and then not do so. But as my elders always taught me growing up, “You do not get to choose what happens to you, but you can choose how you react.” Right now, not every one in these positions is doing as their people wish. If they did, the shutdown would be over. Our faith need not be in government, but above.