Is Social Media a STS?

Facebook and other social media can be STS if a collaborative work group is operating within the site. Because of the abilities of on-time responses, links, and uploads, a Facebook group could work within an STS model and produce effective results. However, organization limitations would need to be in place and/or a Facebook Group Site … Continued

Social Innovation

I worked for nine months on a Leadership project at work regarding Maximizing the Infrastructure of our Philanthropic Capabilities. However, I was inspired more in one assignment on Social Innovation then nine months on my philanthropic work project. Social Innovation involves improving society. Charities are improving society every day with every dollar they raise. Everyone can … Continued

Tomorrow’s Leaders

One of the most important sets of skills required in changing the world are the skills for leadership. This has become increasingly evident as we have attempted to adapt to the escalating changes in our society and workplaces (Dilts, 1996). Leadership is highly sought after in both concept and qualities of a person’s character. Leadership … Continued

Making Much of Him

Francis Chan in his book titled Crazy Love talks about making much of God during our time on earth.  He shares an analogy that if life is a movie, most of us live as if we are the main character.  When in reality, we are an extra, at best.  He talks about how if we … Continued

Achieving Diversity is Problematic

Amy Whyte editorial intern at Talent Management writes, tech companies are still struggling to develop ethnic diversity even though gender diversity statistics have improved (Whyte, 2015, p.1). One telling factor is reputation. A company or industry reputation can produce obstacles to prevent ethnic diversity. One such obstacle is the company’s hiring process. According to Whyte, … Continued