Church for Rent

I was wondering why we have so much money invested into buildings that we only use one day per week? Most churches have fallen to the pressures of the world and have chosen to only have a Sunday service. I am not condemning this because I still feel that no service in a building should … Continued

Two Cent Heart

What’s more important motive or obedience? Immanuel Kant would say our motives are of the highest importance. Kant believed people should always do the right thing for the right reasons (Arnold, Beauchamp & Bowie, 2013, p. 23). Certainly Jesus was extremely concerned with motive. One of His harshest condemnations was directed at the Pharisees because … Continued

Inspirational Leadership

In their book, The Truth About Leadership, Kouzes and Posner (2010) say that, “Truly inspirational leadership is not about selling a vision; it’s about showing people how the vision can directly benefit them and how their specific needs can be satisfied” (p. 68).  Inspirational leaders can influence the way organizations handle their employee’s growth by … Continued

Building Relationships!

Building Relationships is very important in today’s business dealing between companies or in individual partnerships. This requires both parties to be on the same page in terms of what their common goals are and would like to reach. Relationship development also requires favors to done between partners that will also help the relationship flourish over … Continued

What We Believe

These are great points about how we should all conduct ourselves in relationships and businesses.  The one that struck me first off as I was reading was the one stating that we are God’s partner.  He has given us this opportunity.  I attribute this to both business and in our personal lives.  God has given … Continued