Are You a Diminisher or a Multiplier?

I’m reading an excellent book titled Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. Authored by Liz Wiseman (2010), a former executive at Oracle Corporation and now president of her own consulting firm, the book proposes that there are two dramatically different types of leaders: diminishers and multipliers. I’ve reported to both types; you probably … Continued

Do You Know Your Worldview?

Do you know your worldview? Are you able to articulate what you believe and why you believe it? James Sire (2009) challenges us to find out “what we think about ourselves, other people, the natural world, and God or ultimate reality [so that we can] first understand and then genuinely communicate with others in our … Continued

How do you accept God’s will?

Life is not fair!  You suck it up, and move on. I remember reading somewhere that when we go through troubles and tribulations, God must be working on us. He must be interested in helping us grow, in helping us mature, in helping us become.  If that is the case, I asked God to pass … Continued

Diversity is Part of Business

Diversity is Part of the Business By Marjorie Thomas   Effective leaders must take into account the impact of their decisions for the entire organization, shareholders and employees alike. The CEO, who holds all the power, is responsible for the shareholders, by cutting costs to diversity efforts without fully understanding the potential downside, productivity and … Continued

Live Your Life

Many times people feel stuck or uncertain where life is taking them. How we cope makes a huge difference in how we handle the path we are on. Some people are strong and others feel confused. Remembering Jesus holds us and guides us can be difficult in challenging times, yet easy when things are going … Continued