How Do You Define a Spiritual Leader?

I would define a spiritual leader by his or her humility. I say this because humility is one of the greater, if not the greatest traits a leader can possess. A spiritual leader is someone who knows that they cannot rely on their power to lead and accomplish their goals; they need to call on … Continued

The State of Women-Owned Businesses

As recent as last week I was part of a new initiative within the Small Business Administration for what is being called ScaleUp American.  This new program is to provide training, access to lenders and funding. workshops, etc. to assist entrepreneurs that make $150k-$500k a year.  One of the awards was set-aside for firms the … Continued

Second Chances

Are performance standards including conduct and behavior the same for all employees within an organization? Recently the NFL has been under the public spotlight and scrutiny related to domestic violence and child abuse. While these recent events surrounding Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson have left to suspensions and possible lifetime bans many in the past … Continued

Leaders need to watch dogs of injustice.

Effective leaders have to step and make hard choices when the time is necessary. No time is more necessary than when people’s rights are being threatened. This particular example is described in the work place and deals directly with women’s rights. In Kellye Whitney’s article, “Punished for being pretty.” a famous woman volleyball players career … Continued

Can Google get Any Bigger?

“Adding up the Asian Equation at Google” (Dunn, 2014) suggests that the tech giant has a diversity problem.  Although the company has a rich history of success and innovation, upper-echelon leadership can take Google to the next level through utilizing transformational leadership tactics.  Specifically, they can improve through inspiring diversity, changing employee priorities and by … Continued