Showing Grace in the Workplace, a Daily Struggle

  Today, as most days go, I find myself biting my tongue. As business leaders we will find ourselves in similar situations where our advice is not being followed by senior management. How can we keep the project from crashing? By communicating our vision with grace and patience.  Communication is imperative to sell our vision, … Continued

Ethics vs Character: Are They The Same?

I am sure I speak for most MOL students at CCU, but as we trod along in our school work, I constantly look for real world applications. When it comes to the issue of ethics, I usually defer to having strong Christian character. The thought in my mind probably goes something like this, “I do … Continued

Do you see Him?

Stop. Look. Do you see Him? Do you see the ripple in the water? Do you see the dew on the leaf? Do you see the smile on that baby? Do you see that embrace? Stop. Look. Do you see Him? Do you see the articles of hate? Do you see the orphan who is … Continued

Church for Rent

I was wondering why we have so much money invested into buildings that we only use one day per week? Most churches have fallen to the pressures of the world and have chosen to only have a Sunday service. I am not condemning this because I still feel that no service in a building should … Continued

Two Cent Heart

What’s more important motive or obedience? Immanuel Kant would say our motives are of the highest importance. Kant believed people should always do the right thing for the right reasons (Arnold, Beauchamp & Bowie, 2013, p. 23). Certainly Jesus was extremely concerned with motive. One of His harshest condemnations was directed at the Pharisees because … Continued