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    The Student Life program at CCU completes the educational experience by providing opportunities for you to grow spiritually with fellow students, to develop lasting relationships that will challenge you, and to take on leadership roles that enhance the skills and knowledge you’re gaining in the classroom.

    We're here to serve you - that's why each student has a personal advisor who guides them through an academic and life planning process. The whole idea is to become part of a Christian community that is learning together, growing together, and, of course, having a blast together.

    More than 600 students live on campus, and there is plenty to do whether you are on or off campus. On these pages you'll find more helpful information about life on campus at CCU.

    Know what you're passionate about? If you can’t find something that suits you here, we challenge you to start a new club, organization, or ministry!

    To experience campus personally, visit CCU and see community in action for yourself.

  • Spotlight


    Enel Aardevälja '14

    Major: Youth Ministry

    Enel Aardevalja grew up in Estonia and wasn’t exposed to the gospel until she was a teenager. At the time, her parents were going through a divorce and she was looking for answers. She found them through a guest speaker – Mark – who also taught at CCU. When Mark suggested Enel travel 5,000 miles to attend college in Colorado – which had been a lifelong dream – Enel could only dimly see how to make it happen. But Enel trusted God.
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    Student Life

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    Email: ccustudentlife@ccu.edu