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    Community. Education. Worship.

    The CCU community gathers for chapel in the CCU Event Center every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:50 a.m. Chapel services exist to point us to God as we worship Him in spirit and truth. Chapel provides Christ-centered worship through music and teaching, and sets the tone for the spiritual atmosphere on campus. Attendance is required for all CCU students in the College of Undergraduate Studies program.

    Chapel encourages a strong commitment to Christ in the following ways:

    • Community: Chapel promotes a community of Christians with a distinctive purpose and a sense of identity.
    • Education: Chapel provides a unique educational opportunity that supports and enriches the other academic programs of the institution. In this setting, CCU focuses on and responds to a common set of issues and information.
    • Worship: Chapel gives the CCU community the opportunity to worship together. Through exposure to different worship styles, students learn to appreciate various forms and traditions of worship and expressions of faith.

    Fall 2014 Chapel Schedule

    Date Speaker Video
    August 24 All Campus Communion  
    August 26 Joe Walters
    Dean of Spiritual Formation
    Watch Online
    August 28 Convocation
    University Faculty
    Watch Online
    September 2 Praise & Worship and New Building Dedication Watch Online
    September 4 Dr. Kevin Turner
    Professor of Youth Ministry and Theology
    Watch Online
    September 9 Discipleship Chapel Watch Online
    September 11 Eric Alexander
    Higher Summits
    Watch Online
    September 16 CCU Symposium  
    September 18 Sherry Surratt
    CEO & President of MOPS International
    Watch Online
    September 23 Dr. Bill Saxby
    Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences
    Watch Online
    September 25 AXIS
    September 30 Praise & Worship Watch Online
    October 2 Steven Taylor
    Dean of the School of Music
    Watch Online
    October 7 Wayne Losey

    October 9 CCU2theWorld Chapel
    Kelly Nichols, Director of Student Missions
    Watch Online
    October 14 Darius Holland
    Pastor, True Life Church
    Watch Online
    October 16 CCU Centennial Chapel Watch Online
    October 21 Laurie Polich Short
    Compassion International
    Watch Online
    October 23 Praise & Worship Watch Online
    October 28 Kelsey Hargadine, '04
    Director of ROWAN
    Watch Online
    October 30 Dudley Callison
    President, Christian Associates International
    Watch Online
    November 4 David Kotter
    Associate Professor of Theology

    November 6 Gus Gill
    Senior Pastor, Hillside Community Church

    November 11 Dr. Kneeland Brown
    Executive Director: Focus Leadership Institute

    November 13 Dr. Dale Kuehne
    Professor and Author

    November 18 Dave Anderson
    Teaching Pastor, Littleton Bible Chapel

    November 20 Praise & Worship
    December 2 Kristy Whaley
    Instructor of Theology

    December 4 Chad Bruegman
    Red Rocks Church

    December 9 Christmas Chapel
    CCU School of Music

    December 11 Praise & Worship