• Employee Lifestyle Expectations

    Employee Lifestyle Expectations

    Since its founding in 1914, Colorado Christian University (or its predecessor institutions) has maintained that standards of conduct within the institution should reflect the Bible and the heritage of the Christian tradition. It is from those sources that the following expectations for CCU employees derive.

    It is expected that employees will continually strive to deepen their own personal spirituality through increased understanding of the Bible and faithful efforts to incorporate that understanding into their daily work and personal lives. It is expected that CCU employees will actively participate in the life of a local church as part of faithful efforts to grow in Christ likeness.

    As members of a learning community committed to the growth of Christian spirituality and character within its students, members of that community are expected to serve as models of Christian character in all their words and actions. It is expected that community members will adhere to Biblical standards of personal integrity, honoring the virtues reflected in God’s character of faith, hope, love, justice, truth-telling, promise-keeping, beneficence, and respect for the dignity of persons and their property.

    Members of the CCU community are expected to maintain relationships with CCU subordinates, and students that are wholly professional and avoid the occurrence of, or even the potential for or appearance of, sexual harassment or romantic involvement.

    Members of the CCU community are expected to refrain from engaging in, advocating, teaching, supporting, encouraging, defending, or excusing homosexuality, transvestitism, transvestite behavior, transgenderism and transgender behavior.

    It is expected that all CCU employees will adhere to the University’s policy opposing the use, possession, or distribution of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs on any of the University campuses, centers, or facilities. It is also expected that CCU employees will not in any way initiate such aforementioned activities in the presence of any CCU student(s).

    Members will strive to keep the unity of the Spirit within the body of believers that constitutes the CCU community through the exercise of humility, patience, gentleness, and forbearance toward other members of the community, while at the same time expecting one another to sustain Christ-honoring quality in the performance of all assigned and implied responsibilities.

    When the Scriptures do not specifically address an issue, it is expected that University employees will act in consideration of others, use informed discretion, and exercise personal restraint. It is expected that employees will, when necessary and appropriate, honor the Scriptural principle that urges Christ’s followers to be willing to forego behaviors that, while not forbidden per se, should be avoided out of regard for one’s "weaker brother."

    The University’s Statement of Faith and this Statement of Lifestyle Expectations together represent the minimal standards of faith-based actions by members of the University community. Adherence to these standards is an expectation of all employees of the University.