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How to Nail Your Job Interview

You put in the time to complete your degree. You spent hours perfecting your resume and applying for jobs. And you finally did it: you landed a job interview! Congratulations! Getting an interview is the hardest part of the job-searching process. But now you need to sell yourself so that you can land the job. Here are four tips to follow to help you nail your job interview.

Make a Good First Impression

As much as you don’t want to hear it, many hiring managers and executives will make a decision about you in the first few minutes of your interview. Sure, they want to hear what you have to say, but they also go off of their guts. Of course, you need to dress to impress, but more importantly, make sure to connect with the other person. Relax and be in the moment. Make eye contact, smile, and express warmth.


When you are in an interview, it is very easy to constantly be thinking about what you are going to say next and what details you need to make sure to include. However, the best thing you can do is to stop thinking and listen. Listen to what the interviewer is really asking you. Listen to what they are saying. Many times, simply being a good listener can land you a job.

An interviewer wants to know exactly what you bring to the table. In order to provide this information, you need to leave vague statements at the door. Everyone will say they are a hard worker; you need to show that you are a hard worker. Use numbers, facts, and specific examples to demonstrate all of your best assets.

Do Not Over Prepare

It can be tempting to browse the Internet for examples of interview questions along with cookie-cutter answers to all of them. However, doing say may be detrimental to your interview. The hiring manager wants to get to know you. Will you be a good fit for their company? Can they picture working with you? Sure, you can research what the company stands for and think about specific examples of your work that you might want to share, but don’t waste time or brain space rehearsing possible questions and answers. If you relax and commit to being true to yourself, the right answers will come out naturally and you will land the job.

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