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Ways to Thank Your Professor When You’re an Online Student

Your classes may be just a few clicks of your mouse away, but showing appreciation for an online instructor might seem a little less accessible since you are remote from him or her. Actually, though, this kind of thank-you only requires a few clicks and keystrokes as well.

Here are a few tips on how to thank your online professors 

The social thank-you

If your professor or instructor follows you on Twitter or Facebook, this is an easy platform for showing your appreciation, whether you decide to post your gratitude on your Facebook wall or follow a hashtag. The only restriction here is Twitter limits your thoughtful gesture to 140 characters.

Send an e-card

There are e-cards for every occasion, and the price can be right too for college students who are low on funds but want to get creative with their instructor thank-you. E-cards can range from free to a few dollars, and more generic cards expressing thanks can be tailored by adding personalized messages inside the cards.

Send a gift

If you do have the funds, there are sites like Starbucks that allow you to tweet or email a coffee beverage if you happen to follow your professor or know his or her email address. There are also many products and service companies that allow you to send electronic gift cards and certificates, so if money is no object, this may be the way to show appreciation.

Get personal

If you want to write a 21st-century letter of thanks to an online instructor, an email may be the way to go. You are not limited by cost or space, and you can personalize the letter as much as you like.

Whether you want to send a quick, easy thank-you or invest the time or money to give your professor or instructor a virtual pat on the back, there are ways to get your message across remotely without sacrificing the personalized intention behind this gratitude.


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