6 Ways Adult Students Can Prepare For Graduation

A student in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies is graduating from CCU.

If you're an adult student who is about to graduate from college, you must be so excited! The end is near, and we're so thrilled to share this moment with you. Even though you've been waiting for this moment for years, there are some things you should do before you walk across the stage and put this final semester behind you.

Here are 6 ways you can prepare for your upcoming graduation:

Make sure you're good to go.

If you haven't already, connect with your advisor to be sure that you are in fact graduating. You've probably already received confirmation, but it's always good to check. You should also make sure your student account is current. An unpaid balance might deter you from receiving your physical diploma post-graduation. Know when and where you're supposed to pick up your regalia. And start planning what you're going to wear the day of!

Work hard until the end.

With your graduation day in sight, it can be easy to lose focus and want to rush the last couple weeks of class. But it's super important to keep up your hard work and finish strong. You might have a couple big papers left to write, but take your time. You final grades will depend on how well you finish. You can do it!

Send thank you notes.

As CCU's President Sweeting said in an interview, "You would not be able to do what you're doing without encouragement and supporters along the way." Write thank you notes to anyone who supported you, including your significant other, family members, friends, and even your professors.

CCU's Professor Schmidlap provides tips for adult students that are graduating.

Ask for letters of recommendation.

You wouldn't be earning a degree if you didn't want a successful outcome. Letters of recommendation from your professors and professional contacts can help ensure you land a great job after you receive your diploma. Future employers will be impressed by well-written, honest, and positive recommendations!

Invite your loved ones and supporters.

Graduation day is one of the most exciting days you'll ever experience. Invite your friends, family, and anyone else who supported you along the way. It's exciting to see the people you love watch you accomplish such a big goal. Graduation at CCU is a fun day for graduates and their families, so you won't want your loved ones to miss it.

Acknowledge your hard work and celebrate.

Earning a degree isn't easy. You put in a lot of time and energy into it, so be proud that! Look back at everything you've done to accomplish this, and get excited for the future ahead. Following your graduation, have a get-together with friends and family to celebrate.

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