A special education instructor is sitting with her students.

4 Careers You Can Get With a Master's in Special Education

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, "In 2014-15, the number of children and youth ages 3-21 receiving special education services was 6.6 million -- or 13 percent of all public school students."

Because of the large percentage of children with special needs in the United States, experienced and educated professionals are in demand. Do you have a passion for working with children or youth with disabilities?

A master's degree in Special Education can prepare you to serve these children. Courses in CCU's Special Education master's degree program include: Classroom Management for Special Needs Students; Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders; and Advanced Math Strategies for Intervention.

Here are four jobs available with an M.Ed. in Special Education

Special Education Instructor

  • Median salary: $57,910

A special education instructor's curriculum will vary depending on what grade is taught and what the student's disabilities are. However, most special ed. instructors teach common subjects such as math, writing, history, and science.

Learning Behavior Specialist

  • Median salary: $53,220

A learning behavioral specialist has many different job duties, but mentoring, observing, and supporting students will be a major focus. This type of special needs specialist will also monitor students' emotions and ability to successfully participate in class.

Special Education Coordinator

  • Median salary: $62,460

A special education coordinator will focus on the curriculum and standards that come with teaching children and youth with special needs. A background in educational administration will be a benefit to this position, as it involves organization, attention to detail, and overseeing teaching materials.

Special Education Course Developer

  • Median salary: $59,020

In order to effectively teach students with special needs, the programs and curriculum have to be designed efficiently. A special education course developer will help create, plan, and administer content for the curriculum. This role might also train instructors with the new material.


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