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Why You Should Earn a Marketing & Sales Degree

Are you looking for an adult college degree program that will set you up for a career in a variety of industries? If so, an online degree in marketing and sales might be right for you.

Colorado Christian University's bachelor's in Marketing and Sales covers a variety of interesting topics that will prepare you for a multitude of jobs. Whether you want to go into business, healthcare, education, or hospitality, this degree can start you out with the quality education you need to land an entry-level or mid-level job in marketing or sales.

Here are 5 reasons why you should pursue a degree in marketing and sales

This degree will prepare you for a variety of careers.

Most companies these days have some sort of marketing, communications, or sales team. They might even have one of each. Because of that, this degree can equip you with marketing fundamentals and sales strategies that these companies are looking for. Job titles may include: marketing manager, sales manager, social media coordinator, or market research analyst.

You'll get the chance to be creative.

Many jobs in marketing and sales may give you the opportunity to get creative! These types of projects may include: strategizing concepts for social media; editing online or traditional advertising mock-ups; writing radio ads; or creating engaging content for the web.

The learning will never end (in a good way).

If you're someone who enjoys learning about your job field, a career in marketing and/or sales will give you plenty of opportunities to do so. Marketing trends are constantly developing, and there are many ways to dive into the trend pool. A lot of companies invest in their employees by paying for them to attend conferences. You can also follow blogs about marketing trends or use an online learning program like LinkedIn Learning.

You'll learn a lot about the business world.

This degree program includes online business courses that will teach you about several different aspects of business, marketing, and sales. Course include: Retail, Multi-Marketing Channels, and Supply Chains; Business Ethics for the 21st Century Organizational Leader; International Business Cultures; and Consumer Behavior.

This type of job will always have a demand.

Whether you want to work for a company that sells products, real estate, services, or experiences, marketing is something that is required to support a sale or conversion. From mom-and-pop companies to Fortune 500, pretty much every company will need at least one experienced and educated professional to lead marketing initiatives. Will it be you?


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

Find out what options you have for continuing your education and learning more about a future career in this exciting field!

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