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10 Online Certificates Business Professionals Should Consider

Today's job market is super competitive. No matter if you're looking for a new job or you simply want to keep the job you have, it's important to stay on top of your game and keep investing in yourself as a business professional. In order to be as up-to-date as possible within your industry, you might also have to undergo consistent training in your job field. This might include attending conferences, becoming certified in your trade yearly, or receiving additional training and/or education.

Whether your employer requires it or not, one great way to continue gathering experience and education is by earning a certificate within your area of employment. You might have a more technical career, such as an IT specialist, or you might be a manager at your company. Whatever your job title is, there's most likely a certificate that can give you hands-on experience to add to your resume. Plus, all of CCU's certificates are offered online, which gives you maximum convenience.

Here are 10 business certificates you should consider earning


One major aspect of business is all the financial elements that go into sales, spending, and payments. CCU's online Accounting Certificate is a great option for someone who wants to learn more about the processes that take place in order to keep clean books and achieve healthy financial stability. This certificate will teach you introductory information about the accounting cycle, financial statements, budgeting, tax accounting, and even corporate financial accounting. Whether you own a business or you're the operations manager of one, this might be a good certificate to prepare you to support your company's finances.

Communication Studies

Communication is another huge aspect of business, and it's very important to ensure that your company has healthy communication running through it. From communicating with your staff to clearly communicating with your clients, communication can be efficient and smooth or messy and confusing. This online Communications Certificate will teach you how to be effective with interpersonal communication, mass communication, public speaking, and cross-cultural communication.

Cyber Security

One of today's top emerging fields is cyber security. From protecting your organization's network to finding cybercriminals, this is a field you'll want to get into if you have an interest in cyber activity and protection. CCU offers four certificates in cyber security: Cyber Criminology, Cyber Defense, Cyber Offense, and Cyber Policy. If you already have a bachelor's and want an extended education within cyber security, look into a master's in Cyber Security.


Do you dream of starting your own company someday? Or maybe you already have, but you're wishing you had a little more experience in order to run your business successfully. No matter where you're at in your business plan, an online Entrepreneurship Certificate can give you a rundown of what it requires to start and maintain a business. In this program, you'll learn about: entrepreneurship as a mission; starting and running a business; social, sustainable, and mission entrepreneurship; and entrepreneurial growth.


A highly-discussed topic within the world of business today is ethics. Ethical business is required if you want to be an ethical leader and ensure your organization is being run in an ethical way. This online Ethics Certificate is a great way to understand the balance between your personal values and morals, as well as understand how to carefully make an impact on those around you. You'll learn about 21st-century business ethics, along with personal and social ethics.

Healthcare Administration

Are you a manager or leader within a healthcare organization, or do you envision yourself running a hospital one day? A good first step is to learn about administration within the healthcare sector. The online Healthcare Administration Certificate from CCU will give you a high-level overview of healthcare terminology, delivery systems, and administration and management. For students who want to take their education even further, there's a graduate certificate in Healthcare Administration, as well as an MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration.

Human Resource Management

Within every company, there either is or should be someone who manages and oversees the aspects of human resources. This includes hiring, firing, and managing day-to-day administrative duties. The online certificate in Human Resources will give you an intro to business, organizational behavior, and human resource administration. You'll learn about roles and processes within human resources, as well as how to be ethical within your role as a human resources employee.


If there's one area that is vital if you're going to manage people, it's leadership. Ineffective and unqualified leaders can greatly hinder an organization and everyone in it. That's why CCU offers an online graduate certificate in Leadership because we see the importance of this role. From a biblical worldview, you'll learn key principles about how to lead your team effectively. Specific areas of learning include the theories and realities of leadership/followership, social networking, and collaboration.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales is another big aspect of business, no matter if you have a physical product or e-service to offer. Marketing is an especially popular field these days, with new digital trends emerging every day, and sales will always be vital within business. Learn the basics with this online Marketing and Sales Certificate. Topics of study include an introduction to business, marketing principles, and consumer behavior.

Project Management

Project management is a versatile position within business. You might be overseeing product production, the coordination of a team, or a more on-site construction project. But if you aren't organized or don't have an effective strategy in place, projects can easily fall apart. This online Project Management Certificate goes over the project management fundamentals; project planning; scheduling and controlling; risk management; and strategic project management. For a higher level of learning, CCU offers a bachelor's in Organizational Management in Project Management or an MBA in Project Management.


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