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How to Go from Stressed to Blessed

Life can get stressful when you are working 40+ hours, completing schoolwork, caring for your family, and maintaining friendships. But, don't worry we have you covered at CCU Online! We've created a guide to help you tackle tough weeks and stay steady in success.

How to go from #stressed to #blessed as an adult student

Pray and meditate.

Feeling uneasy, uncertain, or just plain overworked? Enter this busy season with prayer and meditation, relying on the true strength that only comes from the Lord. Whether you journal, pray out loud or read your bible, make sure you spend time with the Lord to remind you of His providence and peace no matter your circumstance.

Get outside.

Vitamin D and little fresh air can do wonders for stress reduction. Pop in some good tunes and go for a stroll in your neighborhood or around your local park. Snagging in some exercise is a huge help in boosting your mood and giving you extra energy for your studies.

Plan it out or pencil it in.

Try incorporating a planner for scheduling where you can pencil in your plans for each week. You can visualize your schedule with a written plan for your fun outings, family time, study sessions, or meal prep. Make it as granular or big-picture as you see fit.

Prep your meals in advance.

Start planning your week's lunches and dinners during the weekend prior. Find easy crockpot or baked recipes to make all in one day and portion in advance for the busy week ahead. Bust out the Tupperware and feel prepared with healthy on-the-go meals.

Make a date.

Find a friend or family member with whom you can spend some quality time. Even a day date by yourself can be rejuvenating and relaxing. An hour can make a world of difference, reminding you that school is a part of life, not your whole life.

Touch base with professors.

At CCU Online, your professors care. Keep them up to speed on how the course is going for you and how life is outside of your studies. You can schedule a quick Zoom meeting, send an email, or chat over the phone during office hours. By ensuring your professors stay in the loop, they can best understand your situation and work alongside you to help you succeed.

Schedule study time.

Have a free hour for lunch or some downtime between a fun outing and your workout? Don't be afraid to use smaller breaks to study to write a post on Brightspace. As they say, a little goes a long way. Using these stints can alleviate evening study time so you can spend those extra hours doing more of what you love. Make sure you schedule your study time throughout the week so you can plan ahead and stay on track.


Find yourself holding your breath in moments of stress. It's normal. But, remember...this is all temporary! Try breathing in deeply for 4 seconds and releasing that deep breath for 8 seconds. Use whichever method works best for you. Deep breathing can help decrease an elevated heart rate and ground you. You can even set a written reminder on a sticky note: "BREATHE." Place it where you see it most.

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