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How to Give Back to Your Community This Christmas

Are you thinking of ways to give back to your community this Christmas? Whether you are volunteering at your local homeless shelter, financially giving to people around you, or serving in different areas in your community or your local church, there are many ways for you to give back to your community this Christmas.

Ask a friend how they are giving back this season.

Rally the troops! You can ask your friends how they are giving back to the local community and join them. Gather all of your friends and make a day of it. You can make lunches for the homeless, help with an outdoor organization, or put lights up for an elderly neighbor. Give back together!

Have you served in an organization in the past? Consider serving there again.

Think of the past year. Were there any organizations that you or your family volunteered with? Would you want to volunteer there this season? If so, see what opportunities they have for you from now until New Year's Day. You can even start 2020 with the resolution to continue serving the whole year through!

Research local non-profits or organizations within your community.

There are many non-profits and organizations throughout your community. Are there local food banks to which you might donate food or lend a hand in organizing their holiday drive? Or any local missional organizations with which you partner to help them raise money or even simply pray over the holiday season? Research organizations or hot topics you feel passionate about and get involved with something that matters to you.

If you can't give your time, do you have the ability to give financially?

If you are a busy bee this holiday season, Google options on where and how can donate funds to someone in need or an organization. If you can't give your time, prayerfully think about giving generously.

Pay it forward.

A great way to give back is to buy someone's coffee or food. This can be while you are in the drive-through line at Starbucks or grabbing a snack at the gas station. You might be starting a ripple effect of giving that day.

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