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10 Pro Tips for Interviews on Zoom

As remote working continues to rise, so are virtual interviews and they can go poorly if you are not prepared well.

We are here to help you succeed and get the job with 10 pro tips for interviews on Zoom

Create a Distraction Free Area

Before your interview, make sure to give advanced notice to the people in your household. Let them know your interview time and that you will need to create a distraction-free space. Let your household know what a distraction-free space will look like for you (i.e. avoiding the use of your meeting space during the time, cleaning up in the designated area, and keeping noises to a minimum).

Become Familiar with Technology

If you are new to Zoom, make sure you are familiar with this platform as well as your device (computer, tablet, or phone). Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or family member that is experienced with Zoom. You can even watch a YouTube video to help you prepare or try a mock interview with a friend over Zoom. Ensure your headphones, microphone, camera, and charger are all in working order. We recommend downloading the Zoom app to your computer. Zoom has tools you can use to test your microphone and camera prior to hopping on a call. Familiarizing yourself with the device and technology will help you feel prepared and confident.

Write Down Your Questions

It is always a good idea to have questions for your interviewer. Make sure to have these questions prepared beforehand. In doing so, you’ll show your interviewer that you have done your homework and invested the time in who they are, what they do, and how you’re the right fit for their company.

Choose a Professional Interview Outfit

Zoom can permit us to skate by with a professional top and pajamas on the bottom. Your interviewer might not take notice, but you sure will. Dress for success from head to toe for that fully confident feeling.

Talk Slowly and Clearly

Nerves can kick in during interviews. If you feel like you are talking fast or not clearly, you most likely are. Slow down. It is okay to take a breath, slow down your sentence, and articulate with greater clarity. This will not only help your interviewer to better understand you, but it will also permit technology to catch up during any lag time.

Arrive On Time, Not Early

We all know the rule to arrive early to the interview but this applies to in-person interviews only. If you arrive early for your meeting, you might jump in on someone else’s meeting or just be forced to wait a while. Make sure you are at your computer five minutes before to prepare and promptly click the Zoom link when it is time for your interview.

Double-Check and Triple-Check the Interview Time, Day, and Time Zone

When you wake up in the morning, grab your morning coffee or tea, and look at your calendar. Double check the time of your interview, the day, and if it is in a different time zone. This will allow you to be prepared and arrive on time.

Be Aware of Body Language

Body language is a huge portion of non-verbal cues. Make sure you are sitting up straight, smiling where appropriate, and engaging when needed. Be aware of your body language during your zoom interview.

Look into the Camera while Speaking

If you are looking at your computer screen while speaking, it might not look like you are looking at your interviewer. Look at the camera of your computer instead. This can even help ease your nerves since you are not looking directly at your interviewer on the screen

Turn off Notifications on Your Phone and Computer

It can be distracting and embarrassing when you have your phone go off or a computer notification pop up during an interview. It might look like you have something better or more important to do during that time. Turn off your notifications on your phone or computer ahead of time to avoid this mistake.


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