What is a Master's in Special Education?

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Aug 12, 2020

A master's in Special Education is a degree that provides ample opportunity for those called to minister to others through the education of students with exceptionalities such as learning disabilities, autism, and behavior disorders. We've created a breakdown of everything you need to know for this degree.

Licensure vs. Non-Licensure Options

There are two different routes you can pursue with a special education degree: licensure, and non-licensure. Licensure allows you to obtain a license to teach after your student teaching upon degree completion, allowing you to teach in traditional public schools, public charter schools, private schools, and international schools. Non-licensure track is for a student who is already certified SPED teachers and are looking for a master's degree to further their knowledge.Non-licensure program graduates can seek careers as special educators in private schools, many charter schools, international schools, and home school consortiums.

What are the benefits of a Master's in Special Education?

First and foremost, the U.S. is experiencing a high demand for Special Educators in schools, colleges, and tutoring. The need permits and sometimes requires work mobility with careers available in various states and the potential to work from home. This degree provides you with mobility that gives you control over your work environment. With smaller class sizes, you can provide even greater individualized attention, building stronger relationships with students while you fulfill God's call. 

What does a Master's in Special Education equip you to do?

A common avenue for this degree is working as a K-12 Special Education teacher, but the opportunities are much more diverse! Some of these options include behavior specialist; intervention specialist, private tutoring; textbook copywriting/copyediting; non-profit work serving children and families; or teaching at the community college level, working with students with disabilities.

Salaries vary but most align with the U.S. average for teaching salaries.

CCU's Online master's in Special Education is a five-semester program. Within the five semesters, you will take courses on curriculum, differentiation, effective classroom management, and collaboration. Experienced industry professionals teach all courses! Taking CCU courses online helps prepare our future graduates to teach in virtual classroom settings and produce creative solutions for education success.

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