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Do I Really Need a Graduate Degree?

In a competitive job market, companies are looking to hire people with adequate education and experience. As the market shifts from an experience-focused emphasis to a more heavily education-focused emphasis, you might need to consider going back to school for a graduate degree. You might have questions like, "Is a graduate degree really worth it?" "Won't my experience help me?" "A bachelor's degree isn't enough?" "What is the real value of a graduate degree anyway?"

At Colorado Christian University, we believe a graduate degree is REALLY worth it. Not only will your previous work and life experience aid your next endeavor, but a graduate degree will allow you to master an industry and push you forward in your career. Let's break it down more.

A graduate degree could help you make a switch in your profession.

Let's face it. Sometimes life throws curveballs and we are motivated to pivot. If this is you and you are looking to change careers, a graduate degree could give you the knowledge you need to be competitive in the job market.

A graduate degree could help with an income increase.

One way to grow your income is by expanding your education. By earning a graduate-level degree, the job market will see you have mastered a subject and can offer you a salary or income commensurate with your education.

A graduate degree will make you more desirable in the market.

Along with increasing your income, the market will see your skillset as more desirable than other candidates that might just have an undergraduate degree or less. Your degree can set you apart and distinguish your application from others. Some jobs may even require a graduate degree to be considered.

A graduate degree will allow you to gain respect and credibility in your current or future position.

Respect and credibility are two key attributes to have in the workplace. Earning a graduate degree can garner more respect for you among your coworkers and managers, helping you become a more robust asset within your team. A graduate degree gives you one more foundational layer to building the career of your dreams.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

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