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Is an Associate Degree Worth It?

An associate degree can be your ticket to a fulfilling career or a stepping stone to a bachelor's degree program and beyond. But will this degree help you stand out among your peers? Is an associate degree really worth it? Yes, we think so! Here's why.

Four Reasons Why An Associate Degree Is Worth It

Complete your degree in less time.

The time commitment of an associate degree is around two years. The brevity of this two-year degree allows you to gain field-relevant knowledge in a shorter amount of time, helping you start your career or pursue successive degrees much more quickly!

Become More Competitive In The Job Market.

Earning your associate degree helps you elevate your standing when employers compare stacks of resumes. Your college degree is evidence of the time and effort you've submitted to grow more competent in your area of interest. The job market is very competitive and an associate degree may be exactly what you need to land your dream job.

Save Money Compared To A Four-Year Degree.

Associate degrees offer smaller financial investment than bachelor's degrees, given the reduced hours to completion. You can enter your field of study without the full tuition of a four-year degree. Or, if you are on track to pursue a bachelor's degree, some schools will allow you to use some of your associate degree credit hours toward a bachelor's degree, saving you time and money.

Earn 30% More Money

Associate degree holders earn about 30% more than high school diploma recipients. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2017, the median associate degree salary was $52,830.

Read what Jeanna Coursey, CCU graduate, says about her future with her associate degree in Nonprofit Management.

"I am confident that I can utilize my degree and the skills that I gained in my chosen field, nonprofit management."
– Jeanna Coursey, A.S. in Nonprofit Management

Associate Degrees at Colorado Christian University

At Colorado Christian University, we offer 13+ associate degree programs within specific industries. Not sure which one fits you best? The Associate of Arts in General Studies degree combines general education and elective courses, preparing you to earn a bachelor's degree to create a solid foundation for career opportunities and advancement. CCU faculty members bring scholarship and experience alive in the classroom, applying a wealth of academic and professional experience, and affording you the advantages of real-life perspectives while you learn.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

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