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How to Determine Your Calling

With the rise in popularity of personality tests such as the enneagram or Meyers Briggs, many of us are constantly searching to have a better idea of who we are and who we can become. We only get one chance at this life, so we may as well make the most of it.

Finding Your Calling

The answer starts with the right questions. What are your gifts? What are you called to do? How can you take those gifts and identify your calling and make the world a better place for future generations?

What are you passionate about? What do you feel called to do when a paycheck isn't involved? How can you utilize your gifts to impact the world through grace and truth?

For some of us, we've always known what we want to be. We find no greater joy than helping others and have always felt called to be teachers, doctors, or firefighters. For others, finding our calling is a lifelong journey we embark upon.

On the plus side, the opportunities to pursue your true calling are greater now than perhaps at any time in history. No longer do we have to, "go into the family business." We can go back to school, get an internship, or take courses online.

There are thousands of opportunities to uphold your calling, you just have to take a step of faith to pursue it.

How do you get there?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attended seminary before becoming a noted minister and Civil Rights activist. Abraham Lincoln owned a struggling general store and bounced from job to job learning on his own before becoming a lawyer and politician.

Where you are in life also determines where you likely have to start. Have you thought you may be interested in being a social worker, but aren't familiar with the day-to-day aspects of the role? Call your local school district or public health department and see if you can shadow someone for a day. Interested in construction? Talk to a tradesman.

Are you relatively new to the workforce? Have you been in the same career for years and want to make a change? Maybe an undergraduate or graduate degree can help get you in a field where you can truly pursue your passion. Or maybe something as simple as a professional development certificate can help you take that next step in your career.

At CCU Online, enrollment counselors can help you find the program that will help you find and pursue your calling. One of the first classes you will take is an introspective look into your goals and how to succeed in reaching them. You will take the Clifton Strengths assessment to see what skills and strengths are unique to you. Then you learn how to take advantage of those skills and your life experience to earn prior learning credit and get you closer to your calling.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

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