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7 Advantages of Taking College Classes Online

Going back to school doesn't have to be hard.

Of course, it is going to present its own challenges, which is necessary for you to learn and grow; however, taking classes online can help eliminate some of the superfluous challenges that have presented some from going back to school in the past.

At Colorado Christian University, you can choose between more than 100 program options that can be completed 100% online.

  1. Flexible: There is still a schedule and deadlines for assignments, discussions, and homework, but after that, you can make your academic schedule work for you. Most CCU Online students have a job, family, or both. Online classes work around your schedule whether you're working a 12-hour shift — first, second, or third — or taking care of a family.
  2. Savings: By taking online classes, you save money and wear-and-tear on your vehicle driving in to campus, but you also save time. Time driving to and from campus. Time finding a parking spot and walking to class.
  3. Comfortable study space: Not only can you take classes from your favorite chair wearing a Snuggie, but online classes also afford you the opportunity to learn in the environment that works best for you. Some students may feel uncomfortable in classroom settings with large groups, while generational gaps may give others pause. Through online courses, you can focus all of your attention on learning the material.
  4. Finding your true calling: Through online classes, you can find your true calling (link to previous blog post). You don't need to commit to a school due to location, rather you can look for a school that offers what you're looking for philosophically and offers a program that will help you pursue your passion.
  5. Maintain a Work-Life Balance: The versatility allowed by taking online classes helps you maintain that ever-important work-life balance. Rather than spending the majority of your time at work and in school, you can spend time with your family. You can even go on vacation and still be connected to your classes and your school.
  6. Connect with like-minded students: Just because you are studying online does not mean you are isolated. CCU encourages interaction with your classmates through message boards and collaboration projects.
  7. Accelerated class schedules: At CCU Online, semesters are broken up into five-week blocks, so you can take one class at a time. This means you can focus on one subject at a time. You even have more options to register with multiple start dates throughout the year.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

CCU Online offers more than 100 academic program options to help you fulfill your education goals.

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