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First of all the premises of the study are not my truth.  I, as government employee, am not subject to retaliation and we are well informed of our rights to disclose fraud, waste, and abuse. That being said, here are my comments on whistleblowers:

Do you think it is a good idea to always tell the truth?

Yes – regardless of circumstances the truth will always be better at the end.  It may hurt, disappoint, and cause immediate problems but in my opinion I would rather correct, repair, and alleviate a small issue than a larger one. There should be no need to lie unless you are trying to deceive someone or cover your behind– Why? Do you really think it is beneficial to conceal the truth or that no else will find out what you did – Telling the truth will always set you free.

I wish I could be one that always tells the truth but we have been programmed to lie since we were kids, and while I try my best to be honest, fair, and a man of character every so often I fail.

Is there a difference between being a “team player” and a Whistleblower? When might the two be one in the same?

I do not see being a “team player” and “Whistleblower” the same.  They both represent different meanings and roles. Now if you mean that both roles are looking for the interest of the organization then I would see their similar functionality.

When would you consider stepping up and confronting a boss who is demonstrating unethical conduct? What do you think will be the consequences?

There is no appropriate time; there will be positive and negative consequences.  However the consequences should not interfere from doing the right thing. You, me, and everyone else should step up and correct the situation.




Chris Freire

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  1. Sam Lawrence says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am overjoyed to hear that whistleblowers are protected rather than retaliated against in your organization. It is so important to tell the truth, but society does make it challenging. What distinct challenges to truth telling does the world of business present? Besides retaliation, a personal relationship between professional employees may make ethical truth telling challenging.

    I agree with you that being a whistleblower and team player both further the interest of the organization. If this is the case, can employees exhibit both roles at different times only but not at the same time? It does seem that it would be difficult for an employee to be a team player at the same time as he is calling out a team member. On the other hand, helping to correct a team problem may be a vital step to keep a team functioning fully.

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