• Financial Aid and Scholarships at CCU

    College of Undergraduate Studies

    College is not just an education. It’s a life investment. In fact, earning a degree is one of the only investments that will never lose value. Colorado Christian University is committed to investing in our students by providing a high quality, Christ-centered education that develops the whole person – academically, professionally, and spiritually.

    Making College Affordable

    There are generally three types of financial aid available to students in CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies:

    • Scholarships and Grants – Aid that does not have to be repaid; awarded based on academic and other achievements as well as financial need.
    • Education Loans – Aid that must be repaid.
    • Student Employment Program – CCU-provided job opportunities to help students pay for their education while gaining valuable job skills.

    Students should explore all of their financial aid options to receive the greatest value for their college education. Start with Your Guide to Financial Aid.

    We understand that a college education can be expensive. Our goal is to help you understand the resources available to help you achieve your educational goals at CCU and to help prepare you for your career and your life.