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8 Jobs You Can Land with a Bachelor's in Psychology

Are you interested in helping and serving people? Perhaps you have other career goals. Name just about any career that involves a need to understand the human mind and how people make decisions. A degree in applied psychology can prepare you for it.

8 Jobs You Can Land with a Psychology Degree

Market Researcher Analyst

A person in this position studies market conditions and analyzes future needs and services. You will serve a vital role by helping your firm target its market, needs, location, consumers' purchasing habits, and market price points. The median pay for this position is $63,230.

Social Worker

A social worker or case manager provides solutions and coping mechanisms for problems in children's or adults' lives. You would be diagnosing and or treating behavioral, emotional, or mental concerns. A social worker's median pay is $47,980 per year.

Career Counselor

A career counselor is equivalent to a school counselor. You will be helping and empowering students to develop academic and social skills to succeed in their education. You will have a unique opportunity to impact students' lives. The median salary for this position is $55,410 per year. If you have a heart for students, this is a great position for you!

Psychiatric Technician

A psychiatric technician provides care for those who have mental or developmental illnesses. You would monitor patients, assist in patients' daily activities, and support them with therapeutic care. The median salary for a technician is $29,330.

Health Educator

You will be educating people on wellness, and developing and implementing skills and tools to improve health for communities or individual clients. You could work in a variety of settings like hospitals, private businesses, or educational settings. On average, the salary for a Health educator is $45,360.

Human Resource Specialist

As a human resource specialist, you will recruit, screen, and interview prospective employees. You can process and handle paperwork, benefits, training, and or compensation. You can even attend job fairs at universities, depending on the company. The median pay is $60,350.

Community Service Manager

Being a community service manager, you have a special position in your town or city. You are responsible for coordinating and supervising community service events and programs in your city. You will be able to provide social services to your community. This can be for a nonprofit organization, a for-profit organization, or for the government. You will have a truly unique opportunity to impact your community in more ways than one. The median pay is 64,100.

Social and Human Service Assistant

You will be able to provide services, support for families, rehabilitation, and other forms of social services. You will assist licensed social workers in the field. Many social assistants work for non-profits, agencies, or the government. On average, the pay is $33,120.

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