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Psychology Master's Degree, M.S.

If you have a heart for helping others and desire a deeper understanding of human, social, and emotional behaviors, a master's degree in psychology can open the door to countless possibilities. The Master of Science in Psychology program offered 100% online through CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies provides next-level learning opportunities for growth and career opportunities in the ever-expanding field of psychology. Preparing psychology students with a solid foundation in the major theories and principles of psychology, including psychological theory, social psychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychology, and the principles of psychology. This graduate degree program takes a compassionate and culturally sensitive approach to help psychology students understand the complexities of human behaviors.

Through experiential learning and mentoring relationships with experts in the field, you will be equipped to successfully apply critical-thinking skills and principles of psychology in human, social, and applied contexts.

At CCU, the master's degree program in Psychology provides a unique and distinct approach to help students discover how faith interacts with science in the field, exploring all course material from a biblical lens, and observing the powerful influence of a Christian worldview in the realm of psychology. Graduates of the program will be well prepared to impact the world with grace and truth in various professional and leadership settings and in further studies or areas of specialization.

    • Program Format: 100% online 
    • 30 total credit hours
    • Designed for busy adult learners; complete in as little as 15 months of consecutive coursework, even with a full-time job
    • Courses are typically taken one at a time and are completed in five-weeks
    • Students can transfer up to nine graduate-level credit hours
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  • M.S. Psychology Courses

    Curriculum for the M.S. in Psychology 

    Students in the M.S. in Psychology program complete ten courses for 30 credit hours. All students complete six core courses and then can choose any four electives in the areas of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Forensic Psychology, or Educational Psychology. The variety of electives allows students to customize their program around potential career goals and interests or to support further graduate studies at the doctoral level.

    Psychology graduate students complete all courses 100% online using leading-edge eLearning tools to conduct research, exchange emails, participate in online discussions, and submit assignments and tests. The online courses are typically taken one at a time over five weeks. Weekly assignments are required, but the course design generally allows participants to complete coursework at the times and places that work best for them (before scheduled deadlines).

    Highlighted Courses

    Some of the core and elective M.S. in Psychology courses include:

    • Psychology of Faith. This course explores the relationship between faith, religion, and psychology. Students will be encouraged to find a personal theory of the appropriate relationship between these areas of study and beliefs. Various theological traditions will be studied to see their connection to faith and religion.
    • Multi-Cultural and Social Issues in Psychology. This course explores the cultural components, research, and theory of cross-cultural psychology. The course examines psychological conditions according to varied populations, including gender, ethnicity, religion, geography, culture, age, physical disability, education, and social class.
    • Psychological Research and Statistics. This course examines the principles of research design, methodology, and data analysis in psychology. Method and design issues relevant to a wide range of areas in psychology are covered, such as experimental designs, survey research, observational research, and qualitative content analysis.
    • Techniques of Forensic Practice. This elective course explores the methodology for performing different forensic activities and focuses on practical applications and skill-building in various forensic practice areas. The course presents forensic evaluation methodologies, including competency to stand trial, insanity defense, child custody, fitness to parent, mitigating defenses, and recidivism.
    • Human Development Across the Lifespan. This elective course provides a comprehensive overview of relevant research methods and theoretical frameworks of human development across the lifespan. Topics include cognitive, social, emotional, and sociocultural development as it exists in various contexts, including schools, communities, and families.
    • Motivational Psychology and Theory. This elective course examines human motives and the impact of emotion on the decision-making process and explores the critical role motivation plays in leadership. Consideration of primary and secondary motivators regarding theoretical and practical application for reward, punishment, and avoidance scenarios.
  • Admission Requirements for the M.S. in Psychology

    Admission to the Master of Science (M.S.) in Psychology program is selective. Applicants are evaluated based on previous academic performance, personal and professional accomplishments and goals, and strength of character. A strong desire to complete graduate-level work in a Christ-centered, biblically-based community is important. All M.S. Psychology admissions decisions are made by and only by Colorado Christian University.

    Application Deadlines

    You can enter the M.S. in Psychology program at multiple points in the academic year. You should complete the admission process as early as possible to have adequate time to work with an advisor and qualify for financial aid.

    Admission Requirements
    • Complete the graduate admission application online (including transcripts).
    • Provide your enrollment counselor with a copy of your state-issued driver's license or a state-issued identification card. This ID must include your photo and be within the expiration date. If you are an international student, contact your enrollment counselor.
    • Submit an official transcript that reflects a bachelor's or master's degree from an accredited higher education institution.
    • Have a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Applicants with an undergraduate grade point average between 2.0 and 2.49 will be admitted on a conditional admit (CAD) basis for the first semester. To remain in the program, CAD students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better in their first nine (9) credits.
    Transfer of Courses

    Students may transfer up to nine semester hours of graduate credit from an accredited college or university. The coursework must be comparable to that offered at CCU and fulfill the CCU M.S. Psychology degree requirements. PSY-514 Psychology of Faith cannot be transferred into the program and must be taken at CCU.

    Time Limitation

    The Master of Science in Psychology program is a 30-credit-hour degree designed to be completed within 15 months of intensive accelerated adult graduate study by persons who work or are otherwise occupied by the equivalent of a full-time job. Full-time students may complete the M.S. Psychology program in two years.

    All work applied toward a master's degree must be completed within four years from the date of enrollment. After four years, an M.S. Psychology student who has not completed the requirements to graduate will be withdrawn from the program. Students who go beyond the four years and wish to complete their Master of Science in Psychology degree will be required to apply for reconsideration by completing a Petition for Exception to Academic Policy. Readmitted students will be required to adhere to the degree plans and academic policies in place at the time they are readmitted.

    To submit application-related materials that were not already submitted through the online application, email them to or mail them to:

    Colorado Christian University
    Attn: Registrar's Office/Transcripts
    215 Union Blvd, Suite 600
    Lakewood, CO 80226

Psychology Master's Program Benefits

The Master of Science in Psychology degree program is a great match for students who have already earned their bachelor's degree and want to further their ability to help others overcome challenges involving human behavior in a wide variety of career options or to serve as a stepping stone for further graduate studies including a doctoral degree in Psychology (Ph.D.).

  • Students are mentored by highly qualified professors who have extensive work experience in the field of psychology.
  • All classes are offered 100% online, providing the flexibility you need to fit your busy lifestyle.
  • Classes are provided in a format that allows students to study with a community of like-minded peers focused on a common goal.
  • This 30-hour degree program allows students to choose from several career and educational options upon graduation, including further graduate studies at the doctoral level.
  • Students acquire a thorough knowledge of the major theories and content areas comprising the foundation of psychology, all taught from a biblical perspective.
  • Upon graduation, students will have an expanded range of job opportunities, including human resources, talent management, behavior analysis, law enforcement/probation officer, social work, victim advocacy, juvenile offender counseling, casework, teaching, curriculum design, educational consulting, and school counseling.

M.S. in Psychology FAQs

How many credit hours is the Master of Science in Psychology program, and how long does it take to complete?

The program is 30 credit hours and is designed to be completed within 15 months.

Is the program accredited?

Colorado Christian University's academic programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Visit our Accreditations page for details.

I have been out of school for years and wish to make a mid-life career change. Will I be out of place in this student population?

Our student population in the M.S. in Psychology program varies in age and background. Students range from those who just completed their undergraduate program to those wishing to make career changes later in life.

Are there any undergraduate prerequisite courses?

CCU does not require undergraduate prerequisites for the M.S. in Psychology program.

Will CCU accept transfer credits?

Students may transfer up to 9 semester hours of graduate work from an accredited college or university. See our admission requirements for additional information about the transfer of courses.

How much does the program cost?

View current tuition and fees for the M.S. in Psychology program.

Is financial aid available?

See our Financial Aid website for detailed information about financial aid and payment options for graduate students. The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You are also encouraged to check with your employer about potential tuition benefits available through your company.

Can I take classes online?

The master's in Psychology is 100% online.

What jobs will I be qualified for once I complete the program?

This program equips students to work in various career opportunities, including human resources, talent management, behavior analysis, law enforcement/probation officer, victim advocate, juvenile offender counselor, caseworker, teacher, curriculum designer, educational consultant, and school counselor.

State Exclusions for Online Students

Colorado Christian University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to be in compliance with state laws regarding where we can offer distance and/or online education. The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers courses to online students in all states with some exceptions for specific academic programs.

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