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Doctor of Nursing Practice FAQs

Doctor of Nursing Practice FAQs

Questions About CCU's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree

Are you interested in earning your online doctoral degree in Nursing? Find answers to frequently asked questions about our new DNP program below.

What is the DNP in visionary leadership?

At Colorado Christian University School of Nursing and Health Professions, a visionary leader is one who impacts the world with grace and truth by envisioning creative solutions, developing strategic initiatives, and inspiring intra/interprofessional teams. The visionary leader is transformative, leading change with advanced knowledge and skills to impact systems and organizations, healthcare policy, and national/global health outcomes. The visionary nurse leader, seeking to lead like Jesus, functions as a servant, shepherd, steward, and scholar, building on a foundation of biblical truth and nursing as both art and science.

What would I do with a DNP degree?

The DNP is the terminal clinical degree in nursing. Nurses with the DNP may work as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, administrators, nurse executives, leaders in healthcare organizations or systems, health policy leaders, and other leadership positions relating to improving health outcomes. The DNP enhances existing clinical skills and adds components of business, entrepreneurship, information technology, health policy and advocacy, leadership in national and global health, leadership in organizational systems, and expertise in using evidence-based practice.

Can I still work while getting my DNP?

Yes, this program is geared toward the working professional nurse.

Will I be eligible for specialty certification once I have completed this DNP program?

CCU’s DNP curriculum helps to prepare graduates for the Nurse Executive (advanced) certification (NEA-BC) through ANCC. The competencies from this certification are built into the courses in this DNP program, but additional work experience may be required by the certifying body.

Can I drop out of classes for a period of time and then come back into the program without having to wait for the next cohort?

Currently, courses are offered with a summer start, but additional start times may be added with sufficient enrollment. However, the program is meant to be done full time and sequentially.

Can I become a nurse practitioner (NP) in this program?

No. This program further prepares those who already may be NPs to assume visionary leadership positions and enhance their skills on a wider scale. This is not an APRN program, but does require students to have an MSN upon admission.

Do I need to live in Colorado to be in this program?

No, this is a 100% online program available wherever you have internet access. Due to state regulations, we cannot accept students who live in certain states.

Is this program accredited?

CCNE requires all schools to have a full year of students in the program prior to applying for accreditation. CCU will apply for accreditation of the DNP program at the soonest time permitted. Accreditation is retroactive to the date of the CCNE site visit, so it is anticipated that all students will graduate from an accredited program. A tuition discount is offered to the first cohort (only) of DNP students in this program.

Do I need to be a Christian to be in this program?

There is no spiritual background requirement for students in this program. We do expect students to examine a biblically based Christian worldview and explore the attributes that this brings to your life and your nursing practice. Our vision is to empower nurses to practice nursing as ministry and to prepare visionary moral leaders at the doctoral level.

How long does it take to complete a DNP?

This program is designed to be taken full time and completed in two years. There is a limit of three years for completion.

If I am an RN wanting my BSN to DNP, can I attend this program?

No, this program is for post-master’s students only. There is currently no BSN to DNP option. Students must hold an MSN from an accredited program. However, CCU does offer online RN-BSN and MSN programs which provide a smooth transition into the DNP program.

Can I be admitted if I don’t have 500 hours in my MSN?

Yes, there are opportunities to make up these hours during the program. Course enhancements are available within the first year of the program.

Do I have to complete a capstone project in this program?

Yes, virtually all DNP programs require some type of final project. In this program, students complete an evidence-based quality improvement project, working with a faculty mentor and clinical preceptor to engage in a change initiative with system-wide impact.

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