• Values-Aligned Leadership Summit 2014

    April 24, 2014 - Register Now!

    Colorado Christian University’s Values-Aligned Leadership Summit (VALS) conference series examines healthy models for values-aligned leadership and the role of leaders in defining and implementing ethical business frameworks.

    On April 24, 2014, hundreds of seasoned executives will join Colorado Christian University students for our twelfth annual Summit, to address a key issue affecting businesses nationwide: "The Future of the American Dream: Crisis or Confidence?"

    Many think the future of the American dream is imperiled as we see countless Judeo-Christian values and traditions being chipped away by the courts, legislatures, and regulatory agencies. We can no longer sit idly by as our government erodes the foundational values that have made America the greatest country in the history of the world. The American dream is being smothered by fiscal decadence and irreversible debt, class warfare, unfair taxes, and innovation-killing regulations.

    VALS conference attendees will take a deep look at the future of the American Dream and discuss what must be done to rekindle that dream.

    Allen WestKeynote Speaker: The Honorable Allen B. West

    The keynote speaker at VALS 2014 is Allen B. West, a former member of the United States Congress representing Florida’s 22nd District. Congressman West voted for the Balanced Budget Amendment, and voted for over 30 different bills designed to empower small businesses, reduce government barriers to job creation, boost American competitiveness, encourage entrepreneurship and growth, and maximize American energy production.

    Prior to serving in Congress, West served for more than 22 years in the U.S. Army, carrying on a four-generation tradition of military servicemen in his family. He is also a Fox News Contributor, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, and regularly writes for numerous media outlets including PJ Media and Washington Times.