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    Colorado Christian University recognizes the need to create an environment that fosters evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship modeled after Christ's example. The purpose of CCU2theWorld is to create this environment both at home and abroad. At CCU, students have the opportunity to create and design a mission trip wherever they want to go. Working with CCU staff, students learn how to build partnerships with existing ministries in the area and then co-lead the trip with a staff or faculty member.

    Each international trip encompasses an element of witnessing, so if students are teaching basketball camps in Costa Rica or working with a local church in Scotland, they’re also taking time to witness and communicate the good news of Christ to those who haven’t heard. As James writes, we show our faith by our deeds. At CCU, students are engaged and passionate about doing exactly that.

    During the fifteen years, we've sent over 200 short-term missionary teams throughout the United States and all over the world to more than 50 countries. The teams serve others who are in need and, in doing so, find opportunities to share God's love.

    Thanksgiving Trips | Spring Break Trips | Summer Trips | Cougar Athletics Trips

    Thanksgiving Trips

    Wyoming (Arapaho Nation): Students travel to a Native American reservation to bring meals to families, participate in games and sports with children, and assist in reservation schools in order to serve God and spread the gospel.

    Spring Break Trips

    England: Students partner with Calvary Chapel, Hastings, to bring the Gospel to the post-modern culture of southern England.

    New York
    New York City: Students travel to New York City to partner with Global Gates to engage the unreached people groups in the city.

    Scotland: Students partner with a local Scottish church to minister to the area’s youth by building personal relationships that allow them to share the love of Christ and His gospel.

    Summer Trips

    Central Asia: Students travel to a major city in Central Asia in order to build relationships among university students and engage their culture.

    East Asia: Students travel to a major city in East Asia in order to build relationships among university students and engage their culture.

    Ecuador: Students partner with Foundation Ecuador Elohim to share the love of Christ by participating in community outreach and VBS, as well as building up other aspects of the local church.

    Ireland: Students partner with TEAM and the local church in community outreach through an evangelistic youth camp and other youth programs.

    New York
    New York City: Students travel to the largest city in the United States to partner with Graffiti Community Ministries to reach those in the inner city through sports, community outreach, and VBS.

    Papua New Guinea: Students partner with YWAM and the local church to minister to the people of Papua New Guinea engage them with the Gospel.

    Poland: Students travel to Eastern Europe and engage the youth of Poland through teaching English at a local school and helping with an after school program.

    South Asia: Students travel to a major city in South Asia in order to build relationships among university students and engage their culture.

    Southeast Asia: Students partner with YWAM and the local church to bring the hope of Christ to predominately Buddhist people.

    Thailand: Students partner with the Akha Outreach Foundation to encourage and minister to the Akha people so that they may know God and make Him known.

    Uganda: Students partner with Come Let’s Dance to enact spiritual and physical restoration in impoverished communities, including loving and serving children, working on a farm and speaking into the lives of women from Katanga slums.

    Utah: Students partner with Utah Partnerships for Christ to learn more about Mormonism and share the truth of Christ during the Manti street pageant and other places in Utah.

    Wyoming: Students will be camp counselors at Our Camp, a week long summer camp for mentally and physical disabled adults.


    Cougar Athletics Trips

    Costa Rica
    Costa Rica: Working in partnership with Food for the Hungry and GoAll sports ministry, CCU athletic teams participate in competitions, clinics, and service projects.


    General Donations to CCU2theWorld

    Interested in donating to the CCU missions general fund? CCU2theWorld accepts any gift you may have to offer, including prayers, verbal support and encouragement, or donations. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can donate online.

    If you would like to donate by check, please make checks payable to "Colorado Christian University" and mail to the following address:

    Colorado Christian University
    8787 W. Alameda Ave.
    Lakewood, CO 80226

  • Then Jesus came to them and said, 'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.'
      -Matthew 28: 18-20 NIV
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