Colorado Christian University
Graduating Students

Graduating Students

Important Information for Graduating Students

  1. All students eligible for the Spring 2020 commencement are invited to participate in the May 22 virtual commencement ceremony. Students must have a graduation application marked eligible for the spring 2020 commencement to participate in the May 22 online ceremony.
  2. Each eligible graduating student who chooses to participate in CCU’s virtual commencement will have a personalized recognition video and audio clip that announces your name, your degree and major, and any earned awards.
  3. Watch for the email inviting you to participate in CCU’s online commencement ceremony. In this email you will be directed to a secure form where you will personalize your graduate announcement by submitting a picture of yourself and a personal message for your family and friends.
  4. To assist us in announcing your name for your personalized clip, please provide us the phonetic spelling and an audio recording of your name on the online commencement form.
  5. Even if you registered to participate in the original May 8 ceremony and ordered commencement tickets, you’ll need to respond to the invitation to the online ceremony. Please disregard your prior May 8 registration and any tickets you may have received.
  6. If you did not register to participate in the original May 8 ceremony, you’re now invited to be part of the May 22 virtual ceremony.
  7. All on-site commencement activities originally scheduled to accompany the May 8 commencement ceremony have been canceled.
  8. Students who participate in CCU’s virtual commencement will be sent a copy of the commencement program, a diploma cover, and any earned academic honors cord, to be received before the May 22 ceremony.
  9. Students who complete their degree program requirements in spring 2020 will have a degree conferral date of May 9, despite the later May 22 ceremony date. Diplomas will be produced as usual and there will be no changes in the availability of transcripts.
  10. Information on how to access the virtual commencement live stream will be provided at a later date.

Important Dates:

  1. April 24: Deadline to complete the virtual commencement online form with an audio announcement of your name and academic awards.
  2. May 4: Deadline to complete the online form with your photo and personalized message. Please note, if you want to have an audio announcement of your name and academic awards, this form must be completed by April 24.
  3. May 22: Virtual Commencement held at 6:30 p.m. (MDT)