Leaders Through the Years

Presidents of CCU and our Heritage Institutions

Colorado Christian University has a century-old legacy of serving students who desire a challenging, Christ-centered education. Founded in 1914 as Denver Bible Institute, the University started as a training school for Christian workers. Today, CCU enrolls undergraduate and graduate students in 50+ academic programs at CCU’s main campus in Lakewood, at regional centers throughout Colorado, and online.

The presidents of Colorado Christian University and our heritage institutions have seen challenging and exciting times, and their individual accomplishments and events that surrounded each of their tenures contributed to the University's growth and evolution over the last 100 years.

Dr. Donald W. Sweeting headshot

Dr. Donald W. Sweeting

President: 2016-2022
Colorado Christian University

William L. Armstrong headshot

William L. Armstrong

President: 2006-2016
Colorado Christian University

Dr. Larry R. Donnithorne headshot

Dr. Larry R. Donnithorne

President: 1998-2006
Colorado Christian University

Dr. Ronald R. Schmidt headshot

Dr. Ronald R. Schmidt

President: 1993-1997
Colorado Christian University

Dr. L. David Beckman headshot

Dr. L. David Beckman

President: 1991-1993
Colorado Christian University
1963-82, 1984-85 Rockmont College

Dr. Joe Wall headshot

Dr. Joe Wall

President: 1983-1991
Colorado Christian University, Colorado Christian College, Western Bible College

William Boyd headshot

William Boyd

President: 1974-1983
Western Bible College

Dr. William Wilkie headshot

Dr. William Wilkie

President: 1982-1984
Rockmont College

Adrian House headshot

Adrian House

President: 1972-1979
Western Bible College, Western Bible Institute

Huitt Barfoot headshot

Huitt Barfoot

President: 1968-1970
Colorado Baptist College

Dr. Paul O. Wright headshot

Dr. Paul O. Wright

President: 1969-1971
Western Bible Institute

Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint headshot

Dr. Stanley D. Toussaint

President: 1968-1969
Western Bible Institute

Ronald Merryman headshot

Ronald Merryman

President: 1965-1968
Western Bible Institute

Carl C. Harwood, Jr. headshot

Carl C. Harwood, Jr.

President: 1957-1965
Western Bible Institute

Carl C. Harwood, Sr. headshot

Carl C. Harwood, Sr.

President: 1948-1957
Western Bible Institute

Archie H. Yetter headshot

Archie H. Yetter

President: 1954-1963
Rockmont College

William Randall Skillen Jr. headshot

William Randall Skillen Jr.

President: 1950-1954
Rockmont College

Sam Bradford headshot

Sam Bradford

President: 1949-1950
Rockmont College; 1942-1944 Denver Bible Institute

W.S. Hottel headshot

W.S. Hottel

President: 1942-1944
Denver Bible Institute

C. Rueben Lindquist headshot

C. Rueben Lindquist

President: 1937-1942
Denver Bible Institute

Clifton L. Fowler headshot

Clifton L. Fowler

Founder/President: 1914-1937 Denver Bible Institute