John Pittman

Trustee Spotlight

John Pittman serves as the president of Fransen Pittman General Contractors, a firm he co-founded in 1994. A native of Hammond, Louisiana, Pittman first fell in love with Colorado as a child during a family vacations camping at the base of the Maroon Bells every August.

Pittman attended Colorado State University where he earned a B.S. in Economics and met his wife, Betty, an Iowa girl who also had fallen in love with Colorado on her family vacations. Pittman also holds a master's degree in civil engineering from the University of Oklahoma. 

Raised in the home of Baptist deacon and Sunday school teachers, Pittman's faith has always been with him and an important part of his life. During his college years he worked at Alpine Camp for Boys, a Christian summer camp located in Mentone, Alabama. It was during this time he began to truly understand that he was responsible for the direction of his life's path and that he was free to choose to follow Jesus, not only in words but also as he traveled life's way.

During his career, Pittman has had the privilege of building many church facilities. He has made a practice of attending each church early in the process so that he could gain a better understanding of their vision for building. In 2008, Fransen Pittman was selected to build a large church in Lafayette, Colorado - Flatirons Church. After a preview visit to Flatirons with his youngest daughter, who told him that she wanted to continue worshiping at Flatirons, his first reaction was negative; however, he realized she was really asking to find a place where she could grow in her faith. The Pittmans continue to worship at and support Flatirons Community Church. They are also part of a small bible study group in Parker, Colorado. 

After living and working in Colorado for more than 35 years, Pittman still loves taking advantage of the many opportunities the state offers: climbing the 14ers, kayaking, and most recently, touring by bicycle.