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10 Rewarding Leadership Careers to Pursue This Year

Are you interested in making a difference in both the business world and your community? Does the idea of leading people in a successful direction excite you? No matter what field you work in, qualified and passionate managers are in need.

Even though adequate experience and education are required for most management and executive positions, anything is possible. So have faith in yourself, pursue that additional experience, and go for your professional dreams.

Here are 10 rewarding leadership careers

Healthcare Administrator

The role of a healthcare administrator comes with a lot of responsibility. This position might manage a department within a hospital, a private practice, or a larger facility. Healthcare managers are always up-to-date on regulations, laws, and requirements within the healthcare sector, and they will lead new initiatives around these changes and updates. Being a manager within a hospital or private practice gives this type of manager the opportunity to lead healthcare staff and work with clients and patients, although most of the work will be completed at a higher level.

To become a healthcare administrator, manager, or executive, a great deal of leadership and management experience is required. A master's in healthcare administration might also be required. CCU's online MBA in Healthcare Administration will prepare you, as a business professional, to lead at an executive level in healthcare settings.

Nonprofit Leader

If you're interested in working for a company that gives back to the community, a nonprofit might be the place for you. There are many types of nonprofits, including education institutions, community welfare centers, charitable organizations, and healthcare/insurance companies. Different leadership roles within the nonprofit sector include executive director, special projects manager, program officer, and event planner.

If you don't have a lot of experience working for a nonprofit, your past leadership roles can definitely assist. But you can also earn a degree that directly prepares you for a management position. CCU offers a bachelor's in Nonprofit Management, which can prepare you for a variety of nonprofit careers.

Special Needs Teacher

Most children learn differently than one another, and some might need additional support and guidance in a school setting. Because of that, there is a big need for qualified special needs instructors in private, public, and charter schools. Positions within special education include: early childhood teacher, school counselor, K-12 teacher, or emotional/behavioral specialist.

With CCU's special education master's programs, there are four different options, all of which are online special education programs: Special Education, M. Ed. with Licensure; Special Education, M. Ed. without Licensure; Special Education, M.Ed. — Emphasis in Alternative Licensing; and Special Education, M.Ed. — Endorsement in Special Education Generalist.

Nurse Educator

Do you have such a passion for your nursing career that you want to inspire, influence, and teach others within the healthcare field? In this role, you'd essentially be a mentor to other nurses, but you might also be a part of the development of lectures and clinical work.

Colorado Christian University's Master of Science in Nursing program with an emphasis in Nursing Education will help you prepare for a career as a nurse educator. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to work in settings such as colleges and universities, hospitals, long-term care centers, or home health and public health centers.

Security Manager

If you're interested in protecting those around you, whether it's in a school, hospital, retail store, or private business, a security management career might be right for you. In this role, you may be in charge of creating and implementing company policies for security and safety.

How do you become a security manager? A master's degree in Criminal Justice will give you an abundance of experience and education for a job like this. This online degree can also prepare you for other careers, including a leadership position in criminal justice or a command position in law enforcement.

Human Resources Manager

Every successful company needs policies, procedures, and strategic planning in order to create a safe and efficient professional space at work. A human resources manager will oftentimes lead a team or implement strategies on their own to drive a cohesive administrative plan.

A bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management will be a great first step toward achieving a management position in human resources. You'll learn about things like training and development; workforce planning; labor and employment law; compensation; performance management; and compensation and benefits.


The work of a pastor is important, as they lead people to know Jesus Christ, help them understand His calling for our lives, and give us hope for the future. If you feel called to be a pastor in the church, CCU has a couple of different options for your education.

The online master's in Biblical Studies focuses learning on how to interpret the Bible and understand theology, biblical exegesis, and spiritual formation. Another option is the online master's in Theology, which teaches God's story in the Bible through systematic, historical, ethical, apologetic, and aesthetic perspectives.


Have you always dreamed of owning your own business and leading people to help you achieve that goal? Consider becoming a CEO! In this position, you'll be in charge of most managerial tasks and decisions, although you might also have a set of advisers and managers, depending on the size of your company.

An online master's degree in Business Administration will give you the opportunity to learn about best business practices, how to create a business plan, and the law surrounding business. There are also four MBA emphasis options: Advanced Accounting, Healthcare Administration, Leadership, and Project Management.

School Principal

Do you want to be a part of the growth and positive change happening in the education system? As a school principal, you will oversee all staff and teachers at the school, you'll help create and edit the curriculum, and you'll help manage all day-to-day duties and miscellaneous events.

If you're interested in leading a school, CCU's master's degree in Educational Leadership with Principal Licensure will give you the education and experience needed to step up in the school system. There is also an option without licensure.

City or County Manager

Be the change in your city by being an informed, educated, and successful city or county manager. Like a city or county manager, you'll be in charge or will assist with all administrative duties for the city or county you work for.

If this interests you, a master's degree in Public Administration can help you get there. In this online degree program, you'll learn about topics like governmental law; public budgeting and finance; public information and civic engagement; and public policy.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

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