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Public Administration Master's Degree, MPA

The Master of Public Administration online degree program at Colorado Christian University will equip you with the knowledge necessary to provide leadership and management in local, state, and federal government agencies, as well as voluntary, proprietary, and not-for-profit organizations.

CCU's online MPA program is unique in its emphasis to train Christ-centered men and women with a interest in public service to take places of leadership as confident, courageous, ethical, and effective leaders.

Program Focus

Governmental law; public budgeting and finance; public information and civic engagement; and public policy

Offered through our College of Adult and Graduate Studies, the MPA degree focuses on building your capacity to facilitate change in organizations and communities through technical competency and servant leadership.

MPA program benefits and distinctives

Few professions provide the opportunity to have a profound impact on the lives of others. Consistent with CCU's vision, mission, and strategic priorities, the MPA program will train you to be a leader who wants to transform your community and impact our culture in support of limited government, personal freedom, free markets, natural law, and original intent of the Constitution.

Students come from a wide range of demographic, occupational, and personal backgrounds, yet share a common goal to develop leadership competencies necessary to address the changing public priorities of the 21st century with an integration of biblical principles.

As an MPA student, you'll enjoy small classes with other working adults who bring the richness of diverse backgrounds to online discussions, adding dimension to the program. The program is designed to accommodate part-time, mid-career students, as well as full-time students.

Job opportunities with a Master of Public Administration degree

The Master of Public Administration at CCU will prepare you for a career in city management, county management, special district management, and department head/executive level positions in state and local government and in nonprofit organizations.

Interested in learning more about our master’s degree in public administration or other graduate programs in Colorado? Contact CCU today at 303-963-3311.

State Exclusions for Online Students

Colorado Christian University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to be in compliance with state laws regarding where we can offer distance and/or online education. The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers courses to online students in all states with some exceptions for specific academic programs.

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