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CCU President Promotes University Leadership Goals

In keeping with Colorado Christian University's emphasis on leadership development and training, Dr. Larry Donnithorne, university president, has established the Heart of Leadership program and is carrying its unique leadership message nationwide. Dr. Donnithorne has combined his passion for students and his passion for ethical leadership in his Heart of Leadership program to serve organizations by offering presentations, seminars, and workshops on the essentials of ethical leadership. Dr. Donnithorne's passion leads the underlying philosophy at Colorado Christian University -- developing young people with values-based leadership skills. "At CCU, we are in the business of building strong leaders with Christian values," Donnithorne said. "We have expanded our leadership program and are receiving positive feedback from the business community on the recent graduates they have hired."

Dr. Donnithorne's presentations encourage audiences to think differently about timeless leadership principles and confront the challenges facing ethical leadership in our society today. He cites numerous inspirational examples in history and literature, bringing to life the principles that he advocates -- the achievement of good ends by the right means. In the past year, he has addressed more than 30 audiences reaching over 4000 people, locally and across the country, speaking primarily to business and civic groups, but also presenting to Christian organizations and churches. All proceeds from his speaking, seminars, and book sales benefit the scholarship program at Colorado Christian University.

Dr. Donnithorne earned academic degrees from USMA at West Point, Stanford University, and Harvard University and his professional career included military service with the Army Corps of Engineers; and teaching economics, leadership, and moral philosophy at West Point before becoming a university president. With his unique and well-honed knowledge, he brings to life the heart of ethics in leadership as presented in his book, "The West Point Way of Leadership" through a non-partisan presentation. His topic encompasses a perspective of leadership throughout United States history as well as a look at how we are training our young people to lead us into the future.

More recently, Dr. Donnithorne has been accepted for membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA). The NSA, founded in 1973, is a community of more than 4,000 professional speakers. Through his membership in the NSA, Dr. Donnithorne is seeking to expand his work on behalf of CCU.