News: $1 Million Gift Received

CCU Receives Major Endowed Gift

A $1 million gift has been donated to Colorado Christian University for the establishment of a new endowed scholarship. The funds are to be permanently endowed and will yield annual income to be distributed as scholarships to meritorious students as well as those who demonstrate financial need.

This significant gift arrives at an exciting time for the University. "Having worked with the donors for some time, I think it is fitting to have their gift come at a time when enrollments are growing and student retention is increasing," CCU President Dr. Larry Donnithorne said. "I believe that God is securing CCU's position as a durable, high quality contributor of sound, unapologetically Christian higher education."

Dr. Donnithorne and his wife Fran joined the donors in their home to receive the first installment of the gift, which is in the form of stock certificates valued at slightly over $800,000. The donors plan to give the remainder of the gift to CCU during the first week of January.