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CCU2TheWorld Ventures into Nicaragua, Utah, and Scotland

Spring Break mission trips are an incomparable opportunity for CCU students to get outside their comfort zones to serve Christ. Those who chose to spend their spring break volunteering found themselves greatly blessed as they witnessed God working through them while they brought the message of Christ to those in need. This year, CCU2TheWorld commissioned three mission teams and sent them to Scotland, Nicaragua, and Utah.

CCU junior Lance Oversole led his team of eleven to Lenzie, Scotland, a small town outside of the nation's capital, Glasgow. The overall purpose of the mission trip was to encourage youth and model true unity in Christ. CCU students provided a Vacation Bible School program for children in grade school and middle school, while ministering to local high school and college students. The team attended local church services and interacted with church youth by sharing in Sunday school classes through drama and teaching. The team was also able to work with members of Deaf-Blind Scotland.

"Scotland was an amazing experience! I learned a great deal about culture and was privileged to witness Christ through those we were teaching," said Ryan Larsen, a freshman team member. "I feel as though they taught me as much as I hope and pray I was able to teach them. I also learned that our Lord God works in many ways, through children, adults, and the elderly alike."

Lindsey Daniel, a senior at CCU, led an all-women's team of six to Managua, Nicaragua with a Christian organization called Project Chacocente. The integrated, multifaceted program founded in Christian principles is designed to respond physically, emotionally, and spiritually to participants' needs. Each family participant in Project Chacocente is learning how to work together as a community. Family members are required to take classes about such things as growing and cultivating crops, healthy living and eating habits, and how to raise children.

The CCU mission team's responsibility was to build relationships with members of each family in order to support them in their endeavors. The women also assisted with constructing homes that would eventually house families currently residing in the local dump. This learning experience allowed the girls to develop team-building skills and helped them relate to individuals of differing backgrounds and cultures.

Other CCU students and staff spent seven days in Utah under the leadership of Emily Schorstein, a former CCU student. They served in a variety of ways, including cleaning the Manti city cemetery, interfacing with students at Brigham Young University in Provo, and working alongside members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

"The most crucial and critical element of the trip for me was building relationships with the BYU students and being dedicated to continue and maintain them through the years ahead," said CCU student Courtney Davenport.

During their time in Utah, the team ministered to several remarkable individuals. One example is Rowena, a woman who leads an organization dedicated to helping former victims of polygamy. She not only helps those who have come out of the lifestyle, but also those who are still living in it. The team helped one of Rowena's contacts, Elaine, restore the exterior appearance of her home.

Spring Break mission trips provide CCU students with opportunities to live outside of themselves and experience God in new and revealing ways. Each team may be sent out with a different purpose, but the general mission is the same: to reach others for Christ by serving in different cultures through building relationships, and by caring for people's needs.

To learn more about CCU mission trips please visit the CCU2TheWorld Web site.