News: “Buckets of Love” Introduced

Colorado Christian University Launches Global Action's Buckets of Love in the Denver Metro Area

A disaster that gained international attention has left its mark on Colorado Christian University's campus and in the hearts of those who participated in a new-found relief effort. CCU students, faculty, and staff recently put together 350 buckets filled with supplies for tsunami victims that will be sent to Sri Lanka and Indonesia, two of the 11 countries directly impacted by the tragedy. Colorado Christian University is the first organization in the Denver Metro Area to participate in this recently launched project. These "Buckets of Love" are part of ministry efforts created by Global Action to help meet basic needs of over one million individuals, affected by the aftermath of December 26, 2004. Each 12-quart plastic bucket costs around $37 (including supplies and shipping expenses) and is filled with items like toothpaste, toothbrushes, utility duct tape, and band-aids.

CCU alumni, Kelsey Young, is currently working for Global Action as a recruiter for short-term missions trips and helped orchestrate collaboration efforts between the "Buckets of Love" campaign and Colorado Christian University. When asked why this project is important for everyone to be involved with, she says, "America has currently given $7 billion toward tsunami relief effort and yet South East Asia is crying out for basic necessities. Filling a 'Bucket of Love' is a direct way that the people of America can impact families, fulfill needs, and show the love of Christ to those crying out for help. If anyone desires to change the world in a practical way, they should get involved!"

Meredith Hart, Leadership Intern and current CCU student, served as a contact between Global Action, Kelsey Young, and CCU. Her personal involvement with this project has significantly impacted her life and is clearly evident as she tells of her experience, "...this project reminds oneself that you really can make a difference in the lives of others around the world. I have been shown the power a vision can hold and had the privilege of seeing that vision become a reality in order to bless others."

Countless individuals on the Colorado Christian University campus have also been able to share in the joy and excitement of helping those in need. It is a project that reminds us all of the many, simple things we so often take for granted and, at the same time, gives us the opportunity to spread hope and make a difference, one bucket at a time.

For more information on how you can help, visit the Global Action web site.