News: Life Directions Center Opens

CCU Launches Life Directions Center

To help students gain the most from their college education, Colorado Christian University is launching a Life Directions Center that is designed to give each individual student a single advisor from their first day on campus until they graduate.

This new model for student advising provides a holistic approach to the student experience -- including the areas of life calling and vocation, academic advising, and service learning. The Life Directions Center will also be in a position to assist students in their spiritual, academic, and social development throughout their education.

The Life Directions Center concept, developed by Jim McCormick, CCU's Vice President for Student Development, is highly unusual, perhaps unique among traditional colleges and universities, CCU President Bill Armstrong pointed out. Most institutions provide some form of academic services and advising for students, but few offer support that is focused on developing the whole person, including a spiritual dimension. "I believe that what Jim McCormick and his staff are creating will soon become the model for Christian colleges and universities. It is a change in paradigm," he commented.

President Armstrong believes this more relational approach to student services and advising will have a greater impact, helping students attain success during their education, while equipping them to make an impact in their careers, communities, and churches.

"The over-arching purpose of this new center is to equip authentic disciples of Christ to discern their life calling, to help them achieve academic success, and to encourage them to engage in meaningful service," he said.

The new Life Directions Center will be staffed by a director, an assistant director, and eight advisors who will be assigned to individual students based on their class year. The staff will collaborate with other University departments, providing a single point of contact to assist students with all their needs.

"This new department has been designed with our current and future students in mind," Armstrong said. "We believe it will help us serve them more effectively and add depth to the transformational education offered at CCU."

Visit the Life Directions Web site to learn more.