News: Armstrong Shares Testimony

CCU President Bill Armstrong Meets Christ in Washington's Joe Martin Dining Room

Colorado Christian University (CCU) President Bill Armstrong spoke to students in a university chapel service on October 17, 2006. Armstrong, a Colorado businessman who served in the state legislature from 1978-1990, always considered himself a Christian, growing up in a religious family and community, and attending church regularly. But he was never truly interested in God. His "god" was money, power, and title. His life was aimed at gaining just that.

But nowadays, Armstrong considers himself a prime example of God's power to change lives. The title of his message, I Met Christ in the Joe Martin Dining Room, referenced an afternoon he shared in the federal capitol building's Joe Martin Dining Room with a dentist from Birmingham, Alabama. This man challenged Armstrong's understanding of Christianity and of the purpose of his life. That day, at the age of 35, and now working alongside the president of the United States, Armstrong was led into true relationship with Jesus Christ.

"Since then, I've learned that God is concerned about the condition of the heart more than about spiritual expertise," Armstrong exclaimed with certainty to CCU's student body. "An authentic relationship with Christ has brought into my life a quality and significance that would have otherwise been impossible."

Armstrong encouraged the CCU community to remain mindful of the rate of moral deterioration across society, and to continually take the gospel message to others. Quoting the late Bill Bright, founder of the globally influential Campus Crusade for Christ, Armstrong declared, "If we are going to change the world, we must first change people's lives, and only Jesus Christ can change lives."

Bill Armstrong is actively involved in evangelistic ministry and has presented the gospel message at hundreds of meetings, outreach events, and rallies. For the past 15 years, he has also served on the board of Campus Crusade for Christ.