News: 45,000 Service Hours Performed

CCU Students Perform 45,000 Hours of Community Service

Colorado Christian University (CCU) students annually log a combined total of over 45,000 hours of volunteer community service. They also travel on mission trips around the nation and world. The university's young men and women have helped build homes, schools, and churches, and have provided food, clothing, and other basic necessities to help ease the hardships of people from all walks of life.

"One of the wonderful things about students at CCU is how their faith in Jesus Christ is a central and driving feature in their lives," said Associate Professor of Human Communications Dwight Podgurski. "It motivates them to invest selflessly in the lives of others." Reflecting on his 16 years teaching at CCU, Podgurski can recall countless examples of service from students who expected nothing more than the joy derived from impacting someone else. "Every student in my classroom is currently involved in a service project designed to make a substantial contribution within their community."

In addition to annual mission trips, CCU has a year-round variety of student-led ministries designed to serve the local community. Students involved in the university's "Fat Boys" ministry ride mountain bikes across the downtown Denver area to bring food, clothing, blankets, and sincere conversation to homeless residents. The "Freedom" ministry works with at-risk youth in local juvenile detention centers, as well as the families of those who are incarcerated. "Project C.U.R.E." helps send medical supplies to third-world countries. "S.A.L.T." (Snowriders As Living Testimonies) hits the Colorado slopes each winter in outreach to the skiing and snowboard community.

"One of our university's strategic objectives is to provide students with meaningful opportunities for Christian service and to foster a lifetime habit of such service among students and alumni," commented CCU President Bill Armstrong. "Our students are doing a great job -- they are role models of active community involvement."

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