News: Sudanese Refugee Graduates

Sudanese Refugee Graduates from CCU

They came to America as political refugees after fleeing from their war-torn country. Originally labeled the Lost Boys of Sudan, these young men overcame months of wandering in the desert, swimming across crocodile-infested waters, and fearing the wild beasts of the African plains. After arriving in the United States, they had to start over and learn a new way of life.

For the past few years CCU has been privileged to have a group of these men, now called the Sons of Sudan, working toward their degrees at the University. And on May 6, CCU will celebrate their amazing accomplishments as the first young man, Wal Biet, graduates with his degree in biology.

After learning about a group of the Sons of Sudan residing in Denver, the University created a program to help them obtain a quality Christ-centered education. After assessing their readiness, CCU brought these young men through a process of preparation for college and integration into various CCU degree programs.

As one of the first to be introduced into the program, Biet was excited by the prospect of a Christian education. "I was attracted to CCU because of the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and the fact that we can talk about Christianity openly," he said. After working hard to achieve his goal to earn his bachelor's degree, Biet looks forward to applying to medical school and using his training to make a difference in his home country of Sudan.

Wal intends to visit his family in Sudan after graduation. He also hopes to begin medical school in the fall of 2007. He is confident that the education he received at CCU is his first important step in pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. "A degree from CCU will help me in many things," he said. "I consider it as a stepping stone to medical school and a defense for my faith and a tool for promoting it."