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CCU Alum Releases First Book and Lectures on Faculty at Scotland's University of Aberdeen

"Singing the Ethos of God: On the Place of Christian Ethics in Scripture," written by Colorado Christian University (CCU) alum Dr. Brian Brock, has been selected for distribution by Eerdman's Publishing Company. This book is the first by the author, who since 2004 has been Lecturer in Moral and Practical Theology at the prestigious University of Aberdeen, the third-oldest university in Scotland with a history of nearly 500 years. "Singing the Ethos of God" is scheduled to arrive on store shelves in March of 2007.

Noting the longtime methodological estrangement between academic biblical scholars and Christian ethicists, Brock seeks in his book to reframe the Bible-and-ethics discussion in terms of a fundamental unifying question: What role does the Bible play in God's generation of a holy people and how do we participate in that regeneration? Brock postulates that immersion in the exegetical tradition of the Christian faith must be the heart and soul of theology and ethics.

"Singing the Ethos of God" examines works by various major contemporary thinkers on the Bible and Christian ethics including Richard Hays, Brevard Childs, John Webster, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Brock also pursues in-depth investigations of Augustine and Martin Luther, unpacking their interpretations of certain biblical scriptures, specifically the Psalms. Finally, Brock points out that the Bible has been read throughout most of the Christian exegetical tradition as reiterating the claim that all reality is created and remade by God's overflowing goodness -- and therefore all stands within the scope of his work. The high point of "Singing the Ethos" is a close study of several psalms in which the scriptural writers' understanding of this renewal process is explored.

A 1993 CCU graduate, Brock holds a master's degree in biomedical and clinical ethics from California's Loma Linda University and a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Arts in Christian Ethics from King's College in London. During 2003-2004, he served as a visiting scholar on the theological faculty at Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremburg in Germany. He has presented papers at venues throughout Europe and the United States and has published work that includes articles on medical ethics, the theology of disability, and the ethics of technological development.

Dr. Brock's forthcoming manuscript titled "Discovering our Dwelling: Technological Development and Christian Moral Reasoning" is currently under revision for Oxford University Press.